Attendance POLICY

Attendance POLICY


The School Day

8:05 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.

AM Kindergarten = 8:05 a.m. - 10:55 a.m.

PM Kindergarten = 11:45 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.


Report a student's absence at 


Parents: Need to Know Information on Attendance Laws

In compliance with the Ohio General Assembly and House Bill 410, absences are no longer counted as how many days missed, but by how many hours of school missed. Therefore, if a student misses 38 or more hours within a given month, or 65 or more hours within the year, excused or unexcused, we are required to send a letter to notify you of the hours missed. Our notification is not a judgment on the reason for the absence, simply the application of the law. Our team – including your child’s teachers, school counselor and building administrators – is here to partner with you on your child’s educational journey.

If your child misses 30 or more consecutive hours, 42 or more hours in a month or 72 hours in a school year without a legitimate excuse, we are required to notify you in writing and invite you to meet with the school team to develop an absence intervention plan for your child. Again, this is an attempt to be preventative and to stress the importance of children attending school every day and being on time.  


You MUST report school absences for your child EACH day your child is absent.

How to report my child’s absence:

Option 1-  Call the school at (614) 501-5530 and provide your child’s first AND last names, your

     name, and reason for the absence to the secretary.

Option 2 - Our voicemail is accessible 24/7, if you are unable to call during school hours, leave a message on our voicemail stating your child's first AND last names, your name and reason for the absence.  



What your child needs when they return to school:

Option 1-  Before school begins on the first day of their return, the student must bring a signed note to the office from the parent/guardian indicating the reason for the absence or tardy. The note must include the student’s first and last names, the exact dates of the absence, as well as the reason for the absence. The parent/guardian must sign the note AND provide a daytime phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached.

Option 2 - An email can be sent to Mrs. Turner at The email must include the student's first and last names, the exact dates of the absence, as well as the reason for the absence. The parent/guardian must include their name in the email and a daytime phone number where the parent/guardian can be reacher.  


Please Note:

An email or written note from parent/guardian must be on file in the office within three (3) days of the absence. After three (3) days, the absence will remain unexcused. Unexcused absences may be subject to disciplinary action.

Tardies and early dismissals require the same procedures for reporting time missed from school.  If a legitimate excuse is not provided, time missed at school will be counted as unexcused and accumulate toward your child’s attendance record.

**If you know in advance that your child will miss school for an extended period of time (more than 3 days), please fill out the Notification of Extended Absence form and return the completed form to your child’s teacher. This form can be found on our school’s website under Office Forms, or you can get one from our secretaries in the main office.


It is important for every student in Ohio to attend school every day. Missing too much school has long-term, negative effects on students, such as lower achievement and graduation rates. Research continually connects student attendance to student achievement. It is our philosophy at Summit STEM Elementary that establishing positive attendance patterns as an elementary school student will increase student achievement and encourage life-long habits that will prepare students for the future. Make-up work cannot replace the learning activities that occur in our classrooms.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional information regarding attendance at Summit STEM Elementary:



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