Superintendent's Corner

Superintendent's Corner

2018 Quality Profile

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members,

As mentioned in our email last week, in addition to the State Report Card, we created a Quality Profile to highlight achievements from our District and our students to give additional context to the Report Card results.

There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes here at Central Office and in our schools. Some of the things on which we are working, or have completed for this year include (but are not limited to):

       The completion of our Instructional Audit

       The beginnings of our Strategic Planning initiative and development of a Mission and Vision for the District

       We are in the process of developing the Freshman Experience with an expected launch next school year

       Improving access to and success in Advanced Placement courses

       Expanding and reconstructing Gifted Program across the District

       Revisiting and refreshing our Inclusion Practices for Special Education

       Adding Supervisory and Evaluative Capacity to the District and to schools

       Realigning Central Office staffing to focus on Academic Improvement

       Growing the Instructional Coaching Team via the use of Grants

       Adoption of District-wide curriculum materials for the elementary level

This annual Quality Profile will help characterize the overall educational value of Reynoldsburg City Schools in areas that are important to our community. I hope you find it informative. I take pride in the great things coming out of our District, and after reading this report, I hope you are #reynproud as well!

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Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools 

Click here to read the 2018 Quality Profile

State Report Cards
RCS Superintendent Melvin J. Brown

September 13, 2018

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools Families, Staff and Community Members,

Today, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) released the Ohio School Report Cards, which are designed to give each District a picture of the progress in raising achievement and preparing our students for their futures. The information provided in the Report Card outlines areas the ODE views as most critical to successful learning.

The State Report Card results are not a surprise to us. As we receive this data, we will use it to inform our practices and guide our discussions. Through this work, we will be able to identify areas of achievement, as well as areas of opportunity.

As you know, over the summer, we created a Steering Committee to assist us in the development of a Five Year Strategic Plan. As part of that plan, we will identify District metrics to measure our own progress in attaining goals as we do not feel that the State Report Card is a comprehensive view of our District. Instead of focusing on the State Report Card, it is our hope that our stakeholders instead focus on what our District is doing to address the challenges our students face, as well as celebrate the significant accomplishments we have achieved.

There are successes that we should celebrate at each level. For example, at the elementary level, our schools are successfully serving and growing students in a variety of subgroups and diverse populations. This was a focus during my first year as Superintendent and will continue to be a focus for the District. In addition, most of our elementary schools improved on one or more measures from last year’s report card.

At the middle school and junior high school level, our buildings show that they are not only serving and growing students in a variety of subgroups and diverse populations, but Science continues to be a strong area of achievement and growth.

Finally, at the high school level, our graduation rate remains positive. The Class of 2018 consisted of 535 graduates who earned more than $8.9M in scholarships and more than 4,100 college credits. They also completed 168 internships. Our focus continues to be preparing students for life after graduation, whether that is readiness for college, for the military, or for careers. All four high school academies performed well on the Progress Measure of the report card, which shows that most students are growing at least a year, if not more, in Reading and Math.

Transforming anything does not happen overnight. It will take time, energy and intentional effort to eliminate any achievement gaps and create the conditions necessary for success. Additionally, we consider the education and the development of the whole child as priorities in our work.  We will continue to focus on the work ahead of us. We view each student individually and work to ensure they enter the world well-rounded and experienced. We refuse to have our students reduced to being defined by a test score.  We fully appreciate your support and cooperation in making our District the tremendous place that it is and, as always, we remain #REYNproud! 

Next week, we will issue our Quality Profile, where we will highlight achievements from our District and our students, including but not limited to the State Report Card.


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Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools 

Click here to read a PDF of the letter.

About Mr. Brown

Mr. Melvin J. Brown is the Superintendent of the Reynoldsburg City School District. In this capacity he serves as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the District. The Superintendent reports directly to the Board of Education and has all executive and administrative powers and duties in connection with the overall operation of the schools which are not required by statute to be exercised directly by the Board or by some other officer. The Superintendent exercises leadership through school administrators who comprise the Leadership Team.

Mr. Brown has 19 years of school administrative experience. Formerly, he served as the Deputy Superintendent for the Cuyahoga Falls City School District and prior to that as its Director of Human Resources. He has also served as Regional Vice President for Mosaica Education, Inc. and as an Associate Superintendent for Prince William County Schools in the state of Virginia where he supervised 20 schools and more than 22,000 students. Additionally, he has six years of experience as an elementary school principal and two years of experience as a middle school principal. That experience includes four years at Enterprise Elementary School in Dale City, VA which was recognized by Standard and Poor’s for successfully closing the achievement gap in 2005. His non-administrative experiences include teaching middle school language arts, teaching high school English, and coaching track and boys’ basketball. Mr. Brown holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Educational Studies, Educational Administration at the Ohio State University.


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