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Superintendent's Message

A Message from RCS Superintendent Tina Thomas-Manning

Dear Teachers and Staff,

Today marks the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, and while we hope you are able to enjoy any and all celebrations in your honor, please know that we celebrate and appreciate you all year long. You are leaders, mentors, parental figures, life coaches and educators. You open the eyes and minds of our students to endless possibilities. As a parent, I thank you. As Superintendent, I commend you. Our district and community are who we are because of our teachers--because of you.

A good teacher provides tools students need to learn. A great teacher takes those tools and creates drive, dedication, and the desire to become a life-long learner beyond your classrooms. You start early and end late and through it all, you never stop teaching. From the moment they first pick up a pencil to the moment they move their tassels at graduation, you play a critical role in the lives of your students. You inspire, influence, challenge, and develop every child in our district. Your support of your students does not end at the end of the school day, or after graduation. Your support is long lasting and your students will never forget your influence.

You dedicated your life to making an impact on children and to helping them reach their potential. Robert Frost said it best, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” You are awakeners. Each day you make a difference in the lives of our students. You instill confidence in the shy, offer a shoulder to those in need and provide opportunities that did not previously exist. This is why we dedicate a week in May to honor and celebrate you.

Enjoy the week and thank you for everything you do for the students of Reynoldsburg City Schools.


Tina Thomas-Manning


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