By: Peighton M.


Everybody loves a White Christmas but what are the Chances that we will actually get one in the future? Snowfall is continually decreasing. While this may seem like only a small issue, at this rate in only a few years there may be no snow at all.

        Over the past few years we have all noticed a decrease in snowfall but by how much? In 2010 the chance of snowfall was 50%, but in 2011 dropped a pretty drastic 26% to 24% chance of snowfall on Christmas day. If this decrease continues, then at this rate we will have extremely low chances of looking out our window on Christmas day, and seeing white.

        Before we can help, we need to know the cause of less snow on Chris
tmas day, Global Warming. There are many causes to global warming, natural, and man-made, but one of the biggest is pollution. Pollution is caused by large amounts of gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, which all have the potential to harm the atmosphere in great quantities. Many of the everyday things we do like driving cars can add to the amount of gases there are in the atmosphere.

        While this Christmas might not be so snowy, if we start now we may be able to stop this problem, or at least slow it down. Simple precautions can help. Things as simple as hanging your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer or unplugging electronics you’re not using. Also, instead of sitting on the computer all day you could go outside and play with friends. If you want more ideas on how to go green go to