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Students Helping Students

Jorryn, a BELL senior, and Janaye, an (HS)2 freshman didn't know each other, but they ride the same bus to school. Janaye always sits with a friend who has a medical condition, and when she noticed her friend not acting quite right, she sprang into action.
"I could tell my friend wasn't feeling well, but I didn't want to cause a scene and distract the bus driver, which can be dangerous," Janaye said. "So I asked a couple of people around me to get the bus driver's attention."
Jorryn was one of those people, and she quickly and calmly alerted Ms. Lee, the bus driver, that a student was having a medical issue on the bus. "Ms. Lee immediately pulled over and showed me how to get on the bus radio to contact the bus garage," said Jorryn. "From there I was able to communicate to the bus garage the status of the student, and they were able to tell me that paramedics were on the way."
Ms. Lee, Janaye and Jorryn along with the other students on the bus remained calm and acted quickly to provide whatever assistance they could. Ms. Lee checked in on the student after her bus route was done for the day.
Janaye and Jorryn both said that if they were to experience something like this in another setting, like a restaurant, they would know what to do and spring into action.

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