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HMES 3rd Graders Prep for the Real World With Job Interviews

The third grade class at Herbert Mills STEM Elementary School got a taste of "adulting" when Dr. Davis, HR Director for Reynoldsburg City Schools came to help them prepare to apply and interview for their classroom jobs. Openings for positions such as Banker, Teacher's Assistant, Paper Passer, Groundskeeper and more were open, and 40 positions needed to be filled!
Last week, prior to the interviews, Dr. Davis spoke to the third grade about what to wear, how to present themselves, and proper interview etiquette like sitting up straight and speaking clearly. The applicants noted which jobs they were interested in and interviews with Dr. Davis, HMES Principal Ms. Weeks and third grade teachers Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Stover commenced over the next few days.
Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Stover met each applicant with a formal introduction and provided blazers to ensure each student was dressed to impress for their interview. Dr. Davis and Ms. Weeks were on hand to help offer suggestions and answer questions the students had.
Interview questions ranged from "Why do you think you'd be a good banker?" to "Give us an example of a time you demonstrated you were trustworthy" to actually asking the applicants to show how a Paper Passer would pass out paper. The applicants took the interview very seriously, and couldn't even be tripped up by silly questions like "If Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore, how many shells did she sell?" or "If you could only have ketchup on everything or never have dessert again, which would you choose?" Parents, the overwhelming answer was no dessert, FYI!
One Groundskeeper applicant said his motto was "Keep American Clean" and when asked if he were 100ft tall, what would he do, he replied "Bend down and pick up trash."
Mykell, an applicant for the position of Paper Passer, came to the interview in a tie and demonstrated his paper passing skills.
Everyone who applied will be assigned a job, and at the end of the interview, when Dr. Davis asked if anyone had any questions before their time concluded, smart questions were asked such as "How often do we get paid?" and "What happens if the substitute (who has to take on the role of any job in the event that the primary employee is out) is out as well?"
Finally, the interviews concluded with a hand shake and their headshots were taken so Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Stover can post who was hired for which position.
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