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A Question of Freedom Has All the Answers

 In partnership with the Eastland Fairfield Career Center, students performed A Question of Freedom, a searing drama of issues of freedom from around the globe.  Divided into four hisorical parts (America, Germany, South Africa and Ireland,) the play profiled censorship and the banning of books in the southern USA; the building and demolition of the Berlin Wall; the 1976 Soweto, South Africa children's march against apartheid; and the long-running conflict between Protestants, Catholics and the British in Northern Ireland.  
Doreen Dunn, EFCC Instructor said, "It was very challenging for the actors as it required four different accents and deep emotional commitment.  Several audience members were moved to tears as a result of their truthfulness and honesty."

"I wasn't sure if high school performers could reach the level of emotional impact that the play needed, but I was beyond amazed at their willingness and successful interpretations.  Never underestimate teen capabilities!"She added,

 Next up for the group of student actors is the Spring play, which will be Dolly Parton's popular Broadway musical 9 to 5 which pays tribute to office workers of the 1980's. Performance dates are:  March 15-17 at 7:30 pm and a matinee on March 18 at 3:00 PM.  The musical requires a heavy dose of dancing and singing and acting and but Ms. Dunn knows RHS has the talent to pull it off!

 There will also be a fully-produced Dance Concert - this year it's titled DANCIN' IN THE STREETS! which will be produced on April 26 at 7:30 PM - a must see for all who love dance! More information on that concert coming soon!

 Ms. Dunn explained that they map out the season based on productions that will challenge the performers who audition for the shows and at the same time will challenge the artistic team of set designer, costume designer, light designer, sound designer, choreographer and director of the productions.  She said, "The talent always comes through!"

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Fall play. Check out more pictures of A Question of Freedom on Facebook

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