Summit Road STEM Elementary
Science, Technology, EngineeringMath 

Reynoldsburg School of Choice

Summit STEM Elementary School is a program designed to draw students in grades K-4 who have a particular interest and desire to experience educational through an integrated, problem based setting with a strong focus on math and science. 
The expectation is that parents desire and are supportive of this instructional delivery system. Students will receive instruction in all major subject areas (writing, reading, math, science, and social studies) as well as technology, engineering, health and wellness. Students from all elementary attendance areas are eligible to attend.  

Summit STEM Academy Program

This program provides children with a technology rich environment where they experience mathematics and science as an integral part of everyday life. Students will use the design process (Imagine-Plan-Design-Improve-Share) in all content areas to probelm solve, create and communicate. Summit K-4 STEM Academy will strive to create learning communities where thinking skills and habits of mind are taught, practiced, valued, and become infused into the culture. These skills and habits will help students learn to problem solve and produce information rather than simply reproducing it. Students will be asked to demonstrate their learning through a variety of ways and share their work with authentic audiences. Students will be exposed to a variety of careers through partnerships and projects.  

Frequently Asked Questions about STEM and the School of Choice Program

What is STEM?
What's so special about STEM? Why the increased focus on STEM?
How do I know if this school is "right" for my child?
I have heard this is a career focused school. Aren't K-4 students too young to decide what they want to be when they grow up?
Is STEM education meant only for high-ability students?
Once a child is accepted into the program, is it necessary to "reapply" each year?
What if I enroll my child at Summit Road Elementary but he doesn't like it?
Is transportation provided for students attending the school of choice?
Are siblings of the STEM School students given priority placement in the school of choice program?
What procedures will be followed if a child is on the waiting list for the School of Choice Program?


 If you are a new resident to Reynoldsburg attendance area, please click HERE for enrollment information

If your child is already a Reynoldsburg resident attending one of our other elementary schools and you're interested in transferring them to Summit STEM Elementary, please turn in a complete the school of choice interest form to the Welcome Center at 1555 Graham Road.

 Please note: currently we have wait lists in the ALL grade levels (Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade) placements.



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