Innovation of Organizational Systems

Innovation of Organizational Systems

Innovation of Organizational Systems
Innovative Organizational Systems are shaped by Student interests and needs while reflecting Pathways to future success.
The Office of Innovation in the Reynoldsburg City School District designs Innovative organizational systems to make a substantial impact on the students learning experiences. To accomplish this Reynoldsburg City School District uses student interests and passions to explore K-12 career focused pathways culminating in four 9-12 academies that give students specific career experiences and exposures while comprehensively preparing them for college, careers and life. Furthermore, K-12 STEM schools engage and refine new innovative practices that can be deployed throughout the district thus impacting the greatest number of students.
We need to build change into our systems and let these systems evolve as circumstances change. Change is inevitable, but we need to do a better job of dealing with it, because when we start building huge gleaming monoliths, I think we start getting into trouble.
~ Daniel Suarez

Post secondary and Career Connections that deliver real world experience and credentials.

(Integrated Pathway Experiences)
These are common experinces that all students have that expose students to multiple pathways.


Innovation Labs
RCS is currently expanding its Innovation Labs. More information about these labs can be found on the Innovation of Space page.

9X Impact
RCS strives to ensure that all students are College & Career ready. However, in order to facilitate this goal we must make sure our students are HIGH SCHOOL ready.

Beginning in the Fall of 2019 RCS will be bringing all freshmen together to ensure the best possible High School experiences for all students.

RCS has four High School Academies that use student career interest to engage learning:

(HS)2 STEM Academy
A STEM Health Science and Human Service focused school

BELL Academy 
An Early College Business, Education, Leadership and Law focused school

Encore Academy 
An Arts & Communication focused school

eSTEM Academy 
An environmental STEM focused school

RCS has one of the first k-12 STEM programs in the nation which has recieved much national attention and recognition of their work with kids. More information can be found about each school on their district page. STEM schools include:


Herbert Mills STEM Elementary

Summit STEM Elementary

STEM Middle @ Baldwin

eSTEM Academy

(HS)2 STEM Academy

Office of Innovation
Part of Innovative Organizational Systems is the Office of Innovation itself!
Taking best practice proven through research, and then customized based on the needs of Reynoldsburg students, we have created: Iterest-Based Academies, K-12 STEMpipelin, College and Career Pathways, and Innovation Labs in multiple buildings. The Office of Innovation supports implementation of these practices and systems throughout RCSD. Finding the greatest impact for ALL students these Systems keep our district ahead of the personalized learning curve.
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