Innovation of Space

Innovation of Space

Innovation of Space
Innovative Spaces that Increase Student learning through Engagement and Rigor.
The Office of Innovation in the Reynoldsburg City School District believes these innovative spaces are an essential compliment of innovative education that focus on 21st Century Skills and Habits of Mind. Spaces where children can use design thinking, inquiry, and creativity to develop skills that are critical to success in the emerging world in which they will live. These spaces encourage practical and problem-based use of all educational disciplines in solving real issues in our community and the world.
The best way to predict the future
is to invent it. ~Alan Kay
 TinkerSpaces  MakerSpaces  FabLabs
Innovation Station
Summit STEM
Est. 2011  
Herbert Mills STEM
Est. 2014  
Mobile TinkerLab
Est. 2019  

Foundry & RAD Lab
STEM Middle @ Baldwin
Est. 2015

Waggoner Road
Middle School
Est. 2018

HAMS MakerSpace (Emerging)




Reynoldsburg Battelle FabLab
Summit Campus
Est. 2013  
Livingston Campus
Est. 2018   

Community Outreach
Community and businesses working collaboratively with student interns to develop solutions to challenges and problems.
Adult maker meetups and workshops sponsored through Reynoldsburg Battelle FabLab
After School Student Robotics Activities 
FIRST Lego League
FIRST JR Lego League
FIRST Technical Challenge
FIRST Robotics Challenge
FIRST Robotics  program features Team 4085
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