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Letter to Parents Second Semester 2019-2020

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January 3, 2020


Dear 9X Impact Families:

My name is Donita Hampton and I am proud to serve as the new principal for the 9X Impact. As the principal, student academic success is my number one priority while ensuring our students feel safe during their learning experiences. 

There are a few changes that will occur this semester and policies in place that will be reinforced.  The biggest change that will occur this semester is the class schedule. The 9X Impact schedule will now model the current high school academies’ block schedule. This new block schedule will take place on Monday, Jan. 13th. The decision to do this comes for several reasons:

=         Prepare students for next year academy schedule

=         Reduce current class sizes by adding additional courses

=         Offer more electives

=         Reduce amount of class transitions

=         More class time for Project Based Learning

Students who have failed a first semester course may have the opportunity to earn the credit through online coursework during the E/I period, which is scheduled at the end of each day. Further, Humanities and music courses will not be affected by the block schedule and will continue to meet every day.

The polices that will be reinforced are the elimination of cell phones in classrooms and the dress code policy. The expectations for our students is that every student comes to school properly dressed as outlined in the school’s code of conduct. Please help us in ensuring that your child comes to school in the proper attire and abides by the no cell phone policy. 

To conclude, my door is always open to you and I welcome your conversation and input. I look forward to meeting you all and feel free to contact me or my administrative staff if you have any questions or concerns.  Please continue to check our website for upcoming events and academy information.


Donita Hampton
Principal-9X Impact
[email protected]

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