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RHS Partners with Dress for Success Columbus

The Dress for Success – Boss Girl Student Ambassador Program is a designed to prepare teen girls for life after high school.  We are currently seeking energetic ambassadors to lead the in-class, soft skills trainings at Reynoldsburg High School.


Dress for Success 


Student Ambassadors will be selected through a fun and engaging video contest. You get a chance to show off your leadership and videography skills! The video contest is open to female students age 16-18. To participate, create a unique video that illustrates the soft skills that employers like to see in their employees. Videos must be less than 2 minutes in length. We want you to have fun with this contest so you can be as serious as you wish – or not!

If you have any issues with the online submission process, please email [email protected].

What is the purpose of the video?

Being a Boss is all about learning to manage your talents, emotions, and skills to be successful in work and in life. The key to being a successful Boss Lady is mastering the development of soft skills.  We want you to create a short video showcasing a soft skill from the list below:

  • Communication
  • Enthusiasm/attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Networking
  • Professionalism
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Work ethic

 The video can feature live people, stills, animation—whatever you think best conveys your message.

Video content

  • Video entries should be between 30 seconds and two minutes in length.
  • Video quality should be 1080p or higher.
  • The video must be an original work.

Video content must NOT:

  • Promote illegal behavior
  • Discriminate against or support prejudice toward others based on ethnicity, race, religion, or sexual orientation
  • Invade the privacy of any person
  • Use profanity
  • Be inappropriate as determined by Dress for Success

Can students get assistance on the filming and editing of the video?

Yes, but only one person can be selected as the author. Gather your friends, ask your parents to participate, ask your favorite teacher.

Copyright information

No copyrighted material (music, images, etc.) or trademarks (company names, logos, brands, etc.) may be used unless you own or have a license to use the material for this contest. Written permission must be obtained and provided upon request for all copyrighted or trademarked materials.

Are we allowed to use a song and substitute words for the video?

You can use the tune, but not the words.

Submission process

To submit a video, you must:

  • Provide the required release form attached
  • Submit your video file through the online contest entry form at using the following naming format:

Melissa Smith - Reynoldsburg High school- grade 12

Talent release- click here for the talent release form

Who needs to complete a release form?

  • Each person who has a speaking role in the video
  • Anyone who is distinctly featured in the video
  • Those involved in the production of the video
  • Any student who creates song or music for the video

Who doesn’t need to sign a release?

  • Individuals in crowd scenes
  • Adult faculty members

Release forms details

The student submitting the video may use its district’s standard release form for this purpose or Boss Girl – Release Form (pdf).

  • This authorization assures that those involved know that the video may be shown publicly without further consent required.
  • The release(s) must accompany the submission form and video.
  • It must be signed by the participant(s).
  • If the participant/student is a minor, it must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian.
  • The release must cover internet usage.

1. What is the Boss Girl Student Ambassador Program about? 
We are looking for student leaders to help facilitate Boss Girl classes at the school once a week. The Ambassadors will be eligible to win prizes and receive community recognition. Some of the prizes include accessories, gift baskets, and other cool stuff!

2. Who can apply? 
Any female high school student who meets the below criteria: 
• Have parental or guardian consent 
• Good written and verbal communication skills

3. How do I apply? What happens after I apply?
You can apply directly by submitting your video to Once you apply, you will hear from us via email by midnight February 18,202 if you are selected.  

4. Can students from any high school apply? 
Only students from Reynoldsburg High Schools are eligible for the current contest.

5. How long is the Boss Girl Ambassador Program? What is the time commitment? 
The current phase of the program is 8-10 weeks. Ambassadors are expected to commit a minimum of 4 hours a week throughout the course of the program. Two of those hours are in class at the school. The other two hours is on social media. The program will begin February 26th and concludes on April 30th. The sessions will take place at the Reynoldsburg High School Summit Campus, 8579 Summit Rd from 7:25am – 8:16am. Students who attend classes at the Livingston Campus can take the shuttle from Summit.

6. What are the responsibilities of a Boss Girl Ambassador?
As an Ambassador for Boss Girl, you will be asked to do the following: 

 =         Take a lead role in the once a week Boss Campus Girl classes at your school assisting local professionals who will teach sessions about soft skills.

=         Design a campaign to provide every girl in your school a chance to participate in the program and receive a personal styling from Dress for Success. 

=         Strategize and drive peer-to-peer in school events and activities.

=         Co-create a job fair for the final week of the program.

7. Will Dress for Success support the ambassadors in campaigns and activities they execute? 
Yes, Dress for Success will provide adequate resources and guidance for successful execution of planned activities for the Boss Girl program.

8. Are there any incentives for being a student ambassador? 
Yes, this is your opportunity to develop strategic, communication, leadership skills and get rewarded for it. Apart from learnings that will benefit your career, you will also get incentives. Select Ambassadors also have a chance to participate in an internship at Dress for Success Columbus offices - a great opportunity to build your resume or support your college applications.

9. Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding the Boss Girl Ambassador Program? 
You can contact us at
[email protected]


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