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March 20, 2020

Hello Parents/Guardians of Reynoldsburg City Schools Families,

We are fortunate to be in a District where our teachers, principals, and instructional coaches were prepared to offer a variety of instructional options for students and parents to use at home during the COVID-19, or Coronavirus, crisis. We know that parents may be searching for some additional resources and materials for their children, and so we have created a Google Site for parents to use as a one-stop-shop for supplemental resources if they feel like they need more activities for their children to complete during their time off. We are hoping that this will take some of the burden off of parents as they search through the variety of resources that are currently being shared on social media and through other forms of communication. Please visit our Google Site by using the following link:

We will continue to add new resources daily. We are attempting to not duplicate resources being used by teachers so that this site provides all new materials for parents.

I know this is a trying time for everyone right now, but especially for parents. As a parent myself, I know that there is pressure to make sure you have schedules prepared for at-home learning and activities, and supplemental ideas and activities on hand when your children aren’t in the mood for packets for a day. Some parents are worried about making sure students are not experiencing a regression in their reading and math skills, or missing essential academic content, while some parents are just trying to survive the day to day of this nation-wide crisis. This is a lot of pressure we are putting on ourselves as parents.

Please give yourself and your children some grace during this time. Although academics must remain important while we are out of school, we should also make sure we are being reasonable and rational as we all navigate this difficult situation. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are planning schedules and academic time:

=         Have I built in time for reading? This includes reading to or with your child or listening to books being read online or in an audio version.

=         Have I built in time for some real-world math? This includes measuring, cooking, building/creating, budgeting, and future planning.

=         Have I talked to my child about how they are feeling and thinking as we all come to terms with the current state of our situation?
    Visit the CDC Website or our new Google Site for resources.

=         Have I encouraged my child to engage in some type of physical activity? Even a quick walk around the block will do wonders to refresh our mindsets.

=         Have I arranged some set times and a quiet work space for my child to work on their assignments given by teachers at school?
    This includes both digital content and paper/pencil work. Expect calls and emails from teachers checking in!

        If you can at least do these things on most days, you are well on your way to providing quality time for your children at home. We are all doing the best we can to help our children. We are setting an example of grit, strength, and determination that they will remember and be able to model one day in times of crisis. Hang in there, parents! We make a great team!

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Dr. Jocelyn Cosgrave

Chief Academic Officer

Reynoldsburg City Schools

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