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June 17, 2020

In the wake of the violent death of George Floyd in Minnesota, and other instances of senseless attacks and violence on Black people and minorities in this country, the Reynoldsburg City School District Board of Education resolutely stands against all acts of racism. These acts have left each of us saddened, angered, incredulous, and reflective. We embrace the differences in our community and celebrate the beautiful and diverse fabric that represents the City of Reynoldsburg. As a collective body, we understand that while words are vital at this moment in time, these words must lead to conversations, action and change.

As school board members, we understand that strong public schools are a vital part of the solution. And as we strive toward molding and shaping the leaders of tomorrow, we know that we are entrusted with the charge to be guardians of this institution, and that we have the opportunity to bring about meaningful, positive change so that the civil rights of our students and staff are honored. Not only do we have the opportunity to do these things; it is imperative that we do them. Schools are meant to be a safe haven for our students, and as such, there is no place for racism or hatred in them.

As Americans, we must do our part to foster respect. As school board members, our responsibility goes deeper. We will continue to work to foster an equitable, tolerant and empathetic culture where students have the opportunity to learn and grow into our leaders of tomorrow in an environment of respect and dignity. In particular, we make the following pledges:

  • We pledge to foster an environment where Black students and staff are respected, where Black culture is embraced in that students and staff are valued for their authentic selves, and where systemic racism is not tolerated
  • We pledge to review all policies and procedures in order to root out inequities or disparities that may exist in our schools or our school district.
  • We pledge to listen to the voices of our community and learn from each other as we strive toward a better future.
  • Finally, we pledge to continue to seek ways to address bigotry and intolerance, recognizing the continuous struggle where everyone is part of the solution.

This is an important moment in our history and the members of the Reynoldsburg City School Board of Education will not let it pass without committing to a better future, for the sake of our children, our community, our state, our country and our world.

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