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RCS Partners with Nationwide Children's Hospital

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Reynoldsburg City Schools’ leadership finalized a partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The primary goal of the partnership is to decrease the gap in access to health care for children. The partnership strives to enhance the health and wellness of children and adolescents, improve students’ health promotion and access to care, and improve academic outcomes. The initial stage of the partnership will include the following services:

1. School-based health clinic space at Reynoldsburg High School’s Livingston Campus, which previously housed Mt. Carmel Medical Group. The school-based health clinic will be accessible to all District students during the daily hours of operation. The clinic serves as an access point to establish or re-connect a child to their medical home. The services provided are not meant to replace a pediatrician or family doctor. When a student has any medical need, parents should first call their pediatrician.

2.  Behavioral Health services which will be integrated into the school-based health clinic and will also occur at some other Reynoldsburg City Schools’ buildings beginning in the 2020-21 school year. Services will include therapy in the school and in the home for students and families and psychiatric consultation when indicated.

3. As part of a longstanding partnership with Reynoldsburg City Schools, Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine will continue to deliver specialized care to children in the community. The new services build upon 15 years of services Sports Medicine has provide to the community and is incorporated into these comprehensive health services to all Reynoldsburg student athletes and families.

On Tuesday, during the June Regular Board of Education Meeting, District leaders asked the Board to take action on approving and finalizing the partnership.

“It is crucial that Reynoldsburg City Schools forges these types of relationships with business partners in our community,” said Melvin J. Brown, superintendent, Reynoldsburg City Schools. “Access to health care, especially during times of a pandemic is crucial.”

“Offering our services in the community and in schools provides a unique access to care for children and adolescents who previously were not receiving routine healthcare,” said Mary Kay Irwin, EdD, director of School Health Services at Nationwide Children's. “Because we know healthy students make better learners, we strive to improve critical health outcomes, while improving student attendance and decreasing rates of discipline. It will be very beneficial to have the unique combination of school based primary care, behavioral health and sports medicine services working together to deliver best outcomes for Reynoldsburg families.”

In addition, Nationwide Children’s brings their Mobile Care Center to Reynoldsburg, Ohio to offer medical services to children for pediatric primary care services. The Mobile Care Center will visit two locations in Reynoldsburg on Mondays from 8am-3pm. The Mobile Care Center will alternate between Postwoods Apartments and Big Lots to coordinate with the wifi hotspot RCS buses. The unit is staffed with a nurse practitioner who can help provide families with routine well-child checkups, assessment of common ailments (sore throat, bad cold, earache, headache), immunization shots, blood work, medication orders from the pharmacy, asthma consultations, referral to specialist, and reconnect children to a medical home.  

Finally, Nationwide Children’s will also partner with Reynoldsburg City Schools’ nurses to maintain specialized care for students with asthma through their School-Based Asthma Therapy program as well as partner with staff and community leaders to offer evidence-based health education programming and services. A primary goal of this comprehensive school health partnership and focus on the reduction of non-academic barriers to learning is to ensure that the students of RCS reach their fullest potential.

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