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RCS Employees Go Above and Beyond for Our Students

During the August Board of Education Meeting, Chris Reed, RCS' Executive Director of Business, recognized his staff for going above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, hybrid, virtual and all-in learning. "Our employees did amazing work over the past year and a half," Mr. Reed said. "Whether it was working long hours, weekends. or giving up Spring Break, they worked tirelessly for our students and the community."

Employees were nominated by their peers and received a certificate and a challenge coin, which Mr. Reed explained was inspired from his military days. "Challenge coins are awarded for a job well done in the military," he said. "You can get together with your buddies and see what you've won. This isn't about winning, though. We win when our students succeed."

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BOE President Debbie Dunlap echoed his sentiments, saying, "We are proud of what you've done. It was a privilege to work alongside you. Thank you for going above and beyond for our community."

Mr. Reed recognized each group of employees. Please note not everyone was able to attend and therefore, not everyone is pictured.

We are #REYNProud of our employees!

Food Service:
The Food Service team provided grab and go breakfast and lunch, hot meals and (when available) dairy and produce boxes to not only our students, but our community. 

Food Service Team

Food Service Above and Beyond Recipients:
  • Kristin McPommell
  • Karie Fisher
  • Brenda Luzader
  • Susan Ufferman
  • Ellen Cannon
  • Karen Thomas
  • Nicole Dille
  • Kari Pope
  • Amber Brzezinski
  • Sondra Smith
  • Tina Philipps
  • Melissa Rosen
  • Julie Moe
  • Amani Abdalla
  • Jane Mason
  • Stephanie Monte
  • Jennifer Dean
  • Jerry Romanyak
  • Chris Ferrell
  • Jill Martie
"You don't think of technology until it's not working," said Mr. Reed. These employees were literally the connection for our students to learning." Technology employees worked behind the scenes providing devices and internet connections to thousands of homes during the pandemic.

Technology Team

Technology Above and Beyond Recipients:
  • Mark Manson
  • Daryoush Mirshahi
  • Drew Patton
  • John Carroll
  • Brian Blair
"There is a national shortage of bus drivers," Mr. Reed said. "But our drivers made sure our students got to school safely, often doing double routes. There were days I don't know how they got it all done, but they did whatever it took to get our kids to school during hybrid and all-in learning."

Transportation TeamTransportation Above and Beyond Recipients:
  • Sandy Tiff
  • Terri Clipner
  • Mark Holly
  • Troy Ballog
  • Janetta Williams
  • Karen Kline
  • Gary Stewart
  • Whitney Westlake
  • Mensur Abdu
  • Kyra Amos
  • Dierdre Ogbebor
  • Chris Redd
  • Chuck Bernthold
  • Dana Cermack
  • Tommy Mastrandreou 
  • Slavica Petrevski
  • Louie Bozhinovski
  • Shad Conley
  • Rick Warthman
  • Jered Winnstaffer
  • Judy Pelfrey
  • Tammy Kinder

  • Assisted with Transportation
    1. Vicki Dewees
    2. Carla Hack
    3. Josh Huntzinger
    4. Diana Colliver
    5. Michelle Nelson
Paraprofessionals and Aides:
"Our paraprofessionals do great work," said Mr. Reed. "They are hands-on with our students and give support wherever they are."


Paraprofessional and Aide Above and Beyond Recipients:
  • Teresa McCune
  • Lori Tonne
  • Jabu Woodward
  • Kathy Petroski
  • Tricia Cicak
  • Uma Chhetri
  • Lisa Heedy
  • Franklin Russell
  • Chad Miars
  • Christina Greenawald
  • Rhonda Eberst
  • Jaqquan Moon
  • Shelley Schmitz
  • Gabe Shively
"What we were able to do during the pandemic was in large part the team effort of our custodians," said Mr. Reed. "Between cleaning, having PPE and supplies on a daily basis and more, it was a lot of long nights and long hours.

Custodian Above and Beyond Recipients:
  • Aaron Karst
  • Gary White
  • Christopher Stergios
  • Ginger Dodge
  • Brian Robertson
  • Jack Hatfield
  • Larry Rader

"Secretaries are usually the first person parents see at school," said Mr. Reed. "Our secretaries got things done with smiles on their faces."

Secretary Pam Turner

Secretary Above and Beyond Recipients:
  • Mary Beth Chamblin
  • Kelly Wyandt
  • Pam Turner
Safety and Security:
"As important as academics are, social and emotional health is also important," said Mr. Reed. "Our Safety and Security team created relationships with our students through health and safety checks and building checks. They became trusted adults who our students could turn to to get the support they needed."

Safety and Security Team

Safety and Security Above and Beyond Recipients:
  • Antion Turner
  • Deja Archie
  • Mitchel Ewing
  • Shawn Jeter
  • Brett Murgatroyd
  • Robert Payne
  • Melissa Richardson
  • Bill Schmitz

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