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STEM Middle at Baldwin Road 5th Graders Inducted to Middle School with a Lab Coat Ceremony

Pinning the lab coat

Fifth graders beginning their middle school career at STEM Middle at Baldwin Road were inducted into school with a Lab Coat Ceremony.

STEM Middle teachers and staff presented the newest class with a lab coat, which had some students literally rolling up their sleeves.

"Some of the coats are a bit big," said STEM Middle at Baldwin Road's Assistant Principal, Schyvonne Ross. "It is our hope that they keep their coat and grow into it throughout middle school."

Parents were invited to pin the coats with a STEM pin, which Ms. Ross said made for a special, touching moment. "They'll wear these lab coats during special events like stem cafe, makers market, and design challenges," said Ms. Ross. "There will be many times where visitors will see our fifth graders in their lab coats at school."

Ms. Ross said the inspiration for the event came from the white coat ceremonies graduates receive when they have completed medical school. "We know that not all of our students want to be in the medical field," said Ms. Ross. "There are so many fields where you need a lab coat- as a scientist, in forensics, etc." In fact, one of the lab coat recipients, Carson B., said he wants to be a wildlife officer!

For fifth grade students who were not able to attend the ceremony, their advisory teachers will give them their coats. "The plan is to get lab coats for each grade level," said Ms. Ross. "The feedback from our students and parents was that it was a magical event. I'm already looking forward to next year's ceremony!"

STEM Middle at Baldwin Road has approximately 170 fifth grade students.

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