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Reynoldsburg High School Students Complete Internships at Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

This year the Animal and Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (ADDL) hosted four high school students as interns through the STEM Early College Academy Internship Program. The four students were given the opportunity to gain valuable laboratory experience while contributing to the work ADDL does.

Anna, Durre, Rachel, and Caitlyn each studied a different subject area. Anna focused on Bacteriology, gaining experience in culturing Salmonella sp. Durre prepped serum samples for EIA, BVD, and PRRS testing. Rachel began in Virology then moved to the Molecular Section.

Caitlyn assisted in the Molecular Section to develop a new PCR assay.

The  work the ADDL staff does is fueled by their passion for their industry. Similarly, each student has their own passion and reason behind joining the internship program. “Growing up I had always been interested in animals and originally wanted to be a zoologist. However, after taking high school biology, I became fascinated by the idea of working in a lab, but I had no concept of what that would entail,” said Caitlyn. “I believed that interning at the ADDL would give me some lab experience and help me decide if this is something I would be interested in as a career.”

The student’s internship experience allows them to find work they are truly passionate about. “My favorite thing about interning at the ADDL would have to be the overall experience and exposure I've received in a laboratory setting,” said Durre.

When asked if they had any advice for students that might be interested in the internship opportunity ‘Do it,’” said Anna. “Especially in bacteriology, everyone is friendly and understanding; they will never make you feel out of place! It is an amazing opportunity to see how a lab operates and to gain experience in lab work.”

Students interested in ADDL’s internship program can contact [email protected] for more information.

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