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Mr. Devictor is Awarded the CDL Spotlight!
CDL Spotlight 
The RCS Center for Deeper Learning would like to congratulate Mr. Ben Devictor for being nominated and awarded the 2020-2021 quarter 3 Spotlight Award! Mr. Devictor is an English Teacher at RHS' Encore Academy.
Mr. Devictor was nominated for his Humanities lesson “Make Your Movement,” where students learned about and researched different civil rights movements throughout history and had speakers come and speak to students about different advocacy programs currently in place. Then students had to come up with their own advocacy plans for their community. This lesson focused on the Portrait of the Graduate competencies of Socially & Emotionally Competent, Effective Communicator, Collaborative, and Socially Aware & A Global Citizen.
“Students had to study history and different movements that sparked change to first inform them. Next they got to listen to members of different communities from the surrounding areas speak about advocacy currently happening. And finally, they applied the knowledge they gained from various sources to apply to their own advocacy ideas for their community.”
Mr. Devictor will receive a Deeper Learning Grant of $500 to be used towards developing another Deeper Learning Experience for his students next year!
The CDL Spotlight is a quarterly award where staff can nominate a teacher for teaching a lesson that creates a Deeper Learning Experience which impacts the Portrait of the Graduate competencies.
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