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RHES Kindergarten with Books
Four years ago, Rose Hill Elementary School Kindergarten teacher Ms. Britney Spears was scrolling through Facebook when she saw someone asking friends and family for donations to help purchase books for students. "I saw the idea and just ran with it," said Ms. Spears.

Every year, she posts on her personal social media to see if anyone would be interested in donating and she has raised enough money for her class to read a new book each month! This month's book is "The Grinny Granny Donkey" by Craig Smith.

"Even during the pandemic, when we were remote, I hand delivered some of the books," said Ms. Spears. "Now I have "regulars" who reach out to me when it is time to donate."

In the past, Ms. Spears had her class hand write thank you notes to those who donated, and sent them in the mail. They haven't been able to do that this year, but it is something she hopes they will be able to do soon. 

Always mindful of her budget, Ms. Spears selects books from the $1 section of Scholastic Book Orders, but the price has since been raised to $2. "I have been thrifty and found sets that equal out to $1 each," said Ms. Spears.

When selecting the book of the month, Ms. Spears tries to make sure they are something the students will enjoy reading and are age appropriate. Ms. Spears keeps her friends and family updated with her Kindergartners reading process by posting on social media so they can see the students reactions to the books. 

"Scholastic has been backed up this year, like everything else," said Ms. Spears. "So we just got our order that we put in several months ago, but we are slowly making our way through our books!"