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School Lunch Hero
Kathy Royster poses in the cafeteria Kathy Royster has been a familiar presence in the cafeteria for the past 27 years. Now the head cook at Summit Road STEM Elementary, Mrs. Royster started her food service career in 1996 working in the cafeteria at Hannah Ashton Middle School three hours a day.

“We had four children, so this was the perfect job to have while raising a family. You are able to go to your children’s activities while still working,” she said of the flexibility within the job’s hours.

Mrs. Royster says the best part of her job is seeing the happy children who come through the breakfast and lunch lines. Throughout the years, she’s made some close friends and enjoyed preparing meals for students and staff. In fact, along with her food service colleagues, she’s fixed an estimated two million meals during her career.

Team members like Mrs. Royster are an important part of the education process by making sure students have nutritious meals every school day.

“This isn’t the most glamorous job but it can be, if you like kids, fulfilling,” she said.

To join Mrs. Royster and other food service professionals in serving students, open positions within the Reynoldsburg City Schools are posted on or contact Food Service at 614-501-1211.