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RHS Art Students Get Special Recognition
Two artistic Reynoldsburg High School seniors are among students selected for special recognition. Lorelei Dunlap and Sophie Ndiaye have been honored by Franklin County Commissioners as part of the county’s 2023 High School Artists and Scholars Recognition Program. 

They were among the 24 students selected for “excellence and accomplishments in artistic and academic pursuits.” 

“When I was told I was being recognized I was in shock because I didn’t really imagine that happening. To me, it meant that people have really seen my art and my abilities so that just made me feel really appreciated,” Sophie said.

Lorelei also appreciated the recognition, saying: “I was so excited to show off my art to those who appreciated it. It is also encouraging me to participate in more art shows and contests in order to display my art for others more.”

After graduation, both students have similar plans to study art education in college. Sophie plans to go to college to study art education to become a high school art teacher, while Lorelei hopes to get a degree to teach art at the college level.