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Meet Nadia Miller, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer
Reynoldsburg City Schools and the City of Reynoldsburg are partnering on diversity efforts with a new combined diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) officer. 

Nadia Miller, a Columbus native with more than 10 years’ experience in public administration and community development with a concentration in DEI, began her new role in November 2022. 

“This strategic partnership between agencies will allow me to take dual approach in my efforts to support the diverse residents and families in Reynoldsburg,” Nadia said. “My goals for the district will focus on researching, analyzing, and making recommendations on operational matters pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Nadia comes to Reynoldsburg after working in the Columbus Mayor’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion advocating for underrepresented groups. She was inspired to start her public service career by the examples set by her grandmothers, whom she said, “taught me the importance of serving my community. Their values and work ethics had a strong positive influence on my career choice.”

She will split her time between the city and the school district.

“We appreciate the city’s partnership and look forward to Nadia’s leadership in this new position as we strive to create an environment where diverse individuals are respected and valued,” said Reynoldsburg City Schools Superintendent Dr. Tracy R. Reed.

Reynoldsburg Mayor Joe Begeny is also pleased to have Nadia on board.

“As our community continues to embrace our diversity I am thrilled with the addition of Nadia as our diversity, equity, and inclusion representative. She will continue to bring opportunities to our current local businesses and future businesses with her drive and dedication to our community!” said Mayor Begeny.

Nadia is helping the District reach its DEI goals to “support organizational growth and continue to empower educators and innovate the future.”