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Rockstar Teachers and Staff
Reynoldsburg City Schools has an amazing group of teachers and staff who display the competencies outlined in our Portrait of an Educator. To bring special attention to the work they are doing to support students, teachers and staff are nominated by their peers as “Rockstar Teachers” and “Rockstar Staff.” 
Here are the stars making a difference in the classroom and the community, and a quote from their nomination:
Hayley Cebula, Waggoner Road Elementary        
“Hayley is a first-year teacher, but you would never know this. Her classroom culture and management style are top notch. She has great relationships with all her students. They all respect her, trust her, and want to do well for her. Whenever I go into her classroom, it feels like family. They all support each other and are kind and considerate to all the friends in her classroom.”
Emily Dillon, Reynoldsburg High School - Livingston Campus
“She is a champion of our students. She truly models PBIS and trauma-informed practices in working with her students. Furthermore, she helps any and all students. I literally do not know where our students would be without her.”                       
Amanda Hughes, Rose Hill Elementary                 
“Amanda is a rock star because she has gone above and beyond to make sure all of our classroom teachers and intervention specialists are prepared and ready to serve their students.  She often sacrifices her own responsibilities to make sure that the team of teachers she supports have everything they need.  She is the best collaborator and always puts students first in any decision she makes.”
Jen Lewis, Taylor Road Elementary
“Jen is our speech-language pathologist but she goes WAY above and beyond for our special needs students. She is always pitching in to support in classrooms, helping create visuals for students, working to promote inclusion, coming up with ideas of ways we can make a more inclusive school environment, etc.”                                                
Cathy Macioce, Reynoldsburg High School – Summit Campus
“Cathy just started her final year before retirement and continues to seek feedback and try new things in her classroom. She is committed to her students and supports her colleagues as a mentor and model teacher. Cathy continuously has her students working collaboratively to build their understanding of financial applications while also building student confidence as problem solvers.”
Douglas Pryor, Waggoner Road Junior High                    
“Mr. Pryor has done an amazing job at setting classroom climate for his students. He is already talking about high level concepts in Financial Literacy that will allow for his students to be able to be well rounded when they step into the real world. He is consistently positive, and builds up his colleagues.”
Dr. Mandy Smith, Rose Hill Elementary
“She begins each class by having her students share something good that has happened, which has helped her gain knowledge of the students and their families. She also has brought a love of reading back to the students. Mandy works individually with each student to help them find just the right book based not only on the students' levels, but also their interests. The students, in return, are eager to share about their books and look forward to English-Language Arts.”