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RCS Student Workers Give Schools A Fresh Look

When students, teachers and staff return to their schools in August, they'll notice the halls have been freshly painted, hand rails touched up and light bulbs changed. The updates to the schools are a credit to the first Summer Maintenance Program, where 15 students are charged with basic maintenance improvements for their summer job. Some students are also recieving internship credit for their role in the program.

Madilynn Blake, a senior in the BELL Academy and Miranda Bickert, an HS2 senior, applied and went through the interview process to be a part of the maintenance team. "It was like interviewing for any other job," said Blake. "We had to make sure we would be reliable, arrive on time, had good grades and good attendance at school, too."

Blake and Bickert and the rest of the Summer Maintenance Team arrive each weekday at 7:30am and work until 3pm. One of the perks of the job is the flexibility allowed for other school activities, like sports practice or for Blake and Bickert, marching band. Bickert is in the Color Gaurd and Blake plays percussion and they're both saving money they're earning from this job to help pay for their trip to the Outback Bowl.

Bickert is also using this project as an internship. "Mr. Underwood emails us questions about the job and we will complete a projects once school starts," she explained.

For the first year, the Team Leaders are super impressed with the 15 students. "They're doing a great job and they're a great group of kids," said Mike Matchack, team leader.  He also coaches football and drives busses for the District.

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