Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Health Services
Reynoldsburg's school nurses and health aides provide medical care to students in our schools every day.  For simple bruises and bellyaches, they may provide minor treatment and determine whether students can return to class.  They also work with families and their doctors to provide maintenance care for serious conditions, such as diabetes, that might otherwise prevent some children from attending school.

School nurses also teach.  They provide classroom instruction about hygiene, wellness, puberty and health at appropriate grade levels.  They can provide information on health topics of common concern to staff members and parents.

Nurses travel among schools during the day, and their schedules may change depending on student need. The easiest way to contact them for non-urgent matters is by email:

Sarah Adkins- Lead Nurse
Racquel Boyer
Beth Horacek

School Clinics
Baldwin Road: 367-1617

French Run: 357-1950

Herbert Mills: 367-2170

Reynoldsburg High: 501-4029

Rose Hill: 367-2384

Slate Ridge: 501-5502

Taylor Road: 367-2932

Waggoner Road Elementary: 501-5608

Waggoner Road JH: 501-5713

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