Medication Forms

Medication Forms

Prescription Medications

No prescription medications will be dispensed at school, unless absolutely necessary.  In exceptional circumstances, the child's physician will decide that the child must receive medication during the school day. In such cases, a Prescription Medication Request Form must be completed and returned to the school principal before school personnel will dispense medication.  All sections must be completed on both pages.

It is the parent's responsibility to personally bring this completed form and the medication in the ORIGINAL container to the principal at your child's school. 

Over-the-Counter Medications

If it is absolutely necessary for your child to receive non-prescription medication during the school day and you cannot be there to administer it, please complete the Non-Prescription Medication At School form. All sections of the form must be completed, and the form must be returned to the school principal before school personnel will dispense any medication.

 Under no circumstances should your child bring to school, or be in possession of, any type of prescription or over-the-counter medication unless the appropriate paperwork is on file.

Please NoteIt is the parent's responsibility to deliver the medication to school. All prescription and over-the-counter medicines must be in their ORIGINAL containers and labeled with:
  • the child's name
  • date
  • dosage
  • name of the medication
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