Herbert Mills

Herbert Mills

Herbert Mills STEAM Elementary

6826 Retton Road
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
(614) 367-2160 (office phone)
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School Hours 
All Students: 9:20 AM Arrival - 3:50 PM Dismissal

Who We Are


Herbert Mills STEAM Elementary is a globally focused K-5 elementary school that is committed to developing culturally competent, critical and creative thinkers through rigorous STEAM best practices rooted in transdisciplinary problem-based learning. Our program prepares students to be competitive in the 21st century global market- place, and to be critical and disciplined thinkers who are able to investigate problems thoroughly and effectively and to understand their potential to drive meaningful and sustainable innovations.


ODE Elementary STEAM Designation, FETC STEM Excellence Award

Program Design

Global FocusGrounded in Transdisciplinary Problem Based Learning
 Integration of 21st Century Skills Community Partnerships and Authentic Audiences
 Focus on Design Thinking 

Parent Organization

Herbert Mills PTO meets the second Tuesday of every month from 6–7 p.m. to discuss ways to make our school community a warm and safe place to learn and grow.


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports



Motivation - Take ownership of your work and set goals for improvement.

Self-Awareness - Be aware of your body and personal space, and how your words impact others.

Growth Mindset - Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Empathy - Make an effort to recognize and understand the perspectives of others.

Self-Control - Think before you speak or act. Is it kind? Is it safe?

Respect Treat yourself, our community, and our world with care.


Respect - Treat yourself, our community, and our world with care.

Identifying and Solving ProblemsIdentify issues in the school community and use strategies such as our design cycle, circles, and restorative conversations to solve them.

Empathy - Make an effort to recognize and understand the perspectives of others.

CommunicationCarefully choose your words to share your feelings and ideas appropriately.

Collaboration - Work cooperatively with others to share ideas and solve problems.


Citizenship - Be a responsible, contributing member of the world around you.

Empathy - Make an effort to recognize and understand the perspectives of others.

Respect - Treat yourself, our community, and our world with care.

Responsible Decision Making - Make choices based on what would be best for the world around you.

Cultural Competence - Work to understand, respect, and effectively communicate with people from other cultures.

Portrait of a Graduate Competencies

Innovative Problem Solver: Uses critical thinking skills to solve authentic problems within the learning environment

Socially and Emotionally Competent: Shows best effort and is able to identify and regulate their own emotions to build positive relationships within the learning community

Effective Communicator: Expresses their ideas and needs, demonstrates active listening skills

Collaborative: Works well with others to complete a task

Culturally Aware, Global Citizen: Respectful to all peers and adults and has a positive impact on the learning community


Design Thinking Process

Global Goals

Did you know that here at Herbert Mills STEAM Elementary we root all of our problem-based anchor assignments in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 goals that were set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 to improve our world by 2030. Each grade level focuses on certain goals that are aligned with Ohio's Social Studies Standards. These goals provide a platform for students to think deeply about real problems facing our world and design sustainable solutions for solving them.

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