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For Students

Reynoldsburg Students
Reynoldsburg students are proud, contributing members of the Reynoldsburg community. Students participate in school and community activities in order to improve themselves and their world. Their actions make a positive difference in their schools, their neighborhoods and beyond — and Reynoldsburg becomes an even better place to live every day.
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PAPER- 24/7 Tutoring Services


PAPER is a secure, online tutoring service that provides students with unlimited, 24/7 academic support. Whether they’re stuck on homework, studying for a test, or need someone to read and make suggestions to their essays, there will always be experts available online to assist students in over 200 subjects and more than four languages. 

PAPER tutors have been specially trained to conduct expert, academic support in a secure, chat-based platform. With a commitment to helping students learn, they’ll never give students answers, but rather interact with them in an encouraging tone to lead them forward. 

This is a free service that we’re providing, so students are encouraged to use it as much as they need, whenever they need. Our teachers also have accounts and will be able to review all student activity to see what they’re working on and provide more targeted instruction as needed.

If you’d like to learn more about PAPER you can sign up for a PAPER hosted Parent Info Session, available in both English and Spanish. Or if you’d like to speak to a member of the PAPER team directly, you can reach them at [email protected].

To see PAPER and the help it offers firsthand, we encourage you to login with your child(ren). Students will access PAPER on the student portal and use their CLEVER login to access PAPER.

We’re thrilled to offer our students the unlimited, 24/7 support that PAPER provides and we can’t wait to see what we’re able to accomplish together. 

Reynoldsburg Students

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