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For Parents

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Families are the most important advocates for school children. Reynoldsburg schools recognize that parenting may be done by moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles and guardians. We welcome and encourage your involvement in your child's education. We are partners in preparing your child for college, career and life as an active citizen in our community.

We have compiled a few tips and resources for you to use at home. Please also visit our schools, participate in school activities and contact your child's teachers or principal when you have questions or concerns — or just want to talk about your child's learning. Thank you for trusting Reynoldsburg City Schools with your child's education.

Top 10 Parent Tips to Support Student Success
  1. Set aside a time each week to check your student’s grades and to check for missing assignments that can still be completed, or assessments that can be reworked. If parents don’t have Power School or Echo access, they can contact the school's secretary. Students who have devices at home can also pull up their online gradebook to share with parents.
  2. Students who have a device at home can access extra practice through the Clever Portal. Students know their log in and know which programs are extra practice.
  3. Set aside time each day to check in with your student about the day’s assignments and activities completed at school. Students with devices at home can show completion of assignments in Google Classroom or Echo.
  4. Check in every so often with your student’s teachers to get feedback on your student’s progress. Access our staff directory for the teacher's email address.
  5. Encourage reading at home! Students who read 20 minutes everyday are exposed to upwards of 1.8 million words per year. Each student has access to books from school and classroom libraries.
  6. If your student’s school uses Class Dojo, check it frequently to monitor student behavior and activities that are occurring in the classroom.  
  7. Your school may have a PTO. Reach out to your student’s teacher or principal to find out how you can be involved!
  8. Want to see a particular type of after school club or program? Don’t hesitate to talk to your building principal and share your ideas.  
  9. Stay current with your school's social media platforms.  
  10. Attend after school events and family nights to help build a greater school community.  
Echo for RHS Parents

Monitor Your Student’s Progress with Echo

Echo is our school’s learning management system for students at Reynoldsburg High School. Our teachers post their class materials, students submit their assignments, and grades are posted in Echo. Through Echo, you can access the daily agenda for your student’s classes and see upcoming assignments. Find out how to access or set up a new account.

PAPER logo

PAPER is a secure, online tutoring service that provides students with unlimited, 24/7 academic support. Whether they’re stuck on homework, studying for a test, or need someone to read and make suggestions to their essays, there will always be experts available online to assist students in over 200 subjects and more than four languages. 

PAPER tutors have been specially trained to conduct expert, academic support in a secure, chat-based platform. With a commitment to helping students learn, they’ll never give students answers, but rather interact with them in an encouraging tone to lead them forward. 

This is a free service that we’re providing, so students are encouraged to use it as much as they need, whenever they need. Our teachers also have accounts and will be able to review all student activity to see what they’re working on and provide more targeted instruction as needed.

If you’d like to learn more about PAPER you can sign up for a PAPER hosted Parent Info Session, available in both English and Spanish. Or if you’d like to speak to a member of the PAPER team directly, you can reach them at [email protected].

To see PAPER and the help it offers firsthand, we encourage you to login with your child(ren). Students will access PAPER on the student portal and use their CLEVER login to access PAPER.

We’re thrilled to offer our students the unlimited, 24/7 support that PAPER provides and we can’t wait to see what we’re able to accomplish together. 

Ohio ACE
The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) educational savings account program provides funds for students and families to use on various enrichment and educational activities, including tutoring, day camps, music lessons, study skills services and field trips.
Parent University
Parent University is a communication resource for our parents and families. This series of pre-recorded videos and live webinars aim to provide information, tools and resources on important topics such as social and emotional wellness, social media, learning models and more. Disclaimer: due to the sensitive nature of some topics, please exercise caution when viewing Parent University around those younger than 18 yrs old.
Click this link to view our Parent University YouTube Playlist which includes:

"Your Child and Social Media"
Download the Your Child and Social Media Presentation 

"Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention"

Power School Login
Power School Parent Portal Login Info
Click the link to download instructions on how to log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
Click the link to download instructions on how to log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
Power School Parent Portal Login Video
Viewing Online Report Cards
Follow these step-by-step instructions to view report cards in PowerSchool
Follow these step-by-step instructions to view report cards in PowerSchool
Dress Code
To promote school safety and provide a healthy and respectful educational environment, all students shall adhere to our dress code. The objective is to provide an appropriate, safe and respectful educational environment while allowing students to dress comfortably, within limits, to facilitate learning.

The District expects students to maintain the type of appearance that is not distracting to students, teachers or the educational process of the schools. The final determination of a student’s adherence to the dress code will be made by the school administration.
Parents/guardians share equal responsibility with their child for the student’s adherence to the dress code policy.

Click here for our dress code policy. 
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