About Us

About Us

Introduction to Quality Profile and Strategic Plan

We are pleased to present two valuable publications about accomplishments, initiatives and goals for Reynoldsburg City Schools. 

The first is the Quality Profile, our annual update to complement the State Report Card. The profile provides highlights of student achievement, District partnerships, college and career readiness, and other areas of interest to parents and the public. 

The second publication is our updated Five-Year Strategic Plan, which is a roadmap to support the District’s mission and vision. The plan focuses on four goals that matter the most in our community: student learning, student experience, communications and finance.

Both publications highlight the great work being done in our schools with the support of our staff, our families and our community.

Thank you for your partnership to ensure every child in our district has the opportunity to reach their full potential in and outside of the classroom.


Quality Profile

In addition to our State Report Card and our Five-Year Strategic Plan, this Quality Profile characterizes the overall educational value of Reynoldsburg City Schools in areas that matter most to our community. View the Quality Profile.
Cover of the 2022-2023 Quality Profile

Updated Five-Year Strategic Plan

Read the updated Five-Year Strategic Plan that supports Reynoldsburg City Schools' mission and vision.

District Facts

Reynoldsburg is a first-ring suburb of Columbus, Ohio
7 elementary with all day-kindergarten
2 middle/junior high (grades 6-8)
1 high school at 2 campuses

Asian/Other           17%
Black, Non-Hisp.   39%
Hispanic                 9%
Multiracial             10%
White, Non-Hisp.  25%
Gifted Students                 11.5%
Students w/Disabilities      14%
Economic Disadvantage   62%
Limited English Prof.         16% 
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College & Career Readiness

Our partnerships with colleges and universities are giving many students a head start on college and career training.
93% of RHS Students graduate in 4 years
94% of RHS Students graduate in 5 years
The Class of 2023 stats:
$9 million in scholarships offered
2,286 College Credits earned
6 Associate Degrees earned
235 Capstone projects and internships
Our goal is for 90% of our graduates to earn at least 3 hours of college credit. 

STEM Designations

STEM Logo 
Reynoldsburg City Schools offers STEAM- or STEM-designated schools:
Herbert Mills STEAM Elementary
Summit Road Elementary
STEM Middle at Baldwin Road Junior High
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