Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Graduate

Our vision for 21st century learning

The Reynoldsburg Portrait of a Graduate focuses on five competencies for our students to have a successful educational experience at all levels of learning, from elementary to high school.
INNOVATIVE PROBLEM SOLVER Able to use a deliberate process to creatively develop multiple solu­tions to authentic problems. 

SOCIALLY & EMOTIONALLY COMPETENT Able to identify and regulate one’s own emotions in order to solve problems, communicate and build positive relationships. 

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR Able to responsibly and effectively give and receive information across mediums while considering the needs of different audiences. 

COLLABORATOR Able to accept personal accountability within a group dynamic and synthesize multiple perspectives to determine the best approach to complete a task.

CULTURALLY AWARE & A GLOBAL CITIZEN Culturally empathetic, compassionate, able to live, learn, work, collaborate and positively impact the local community and the world.

Graphic of Reynoldsburg Portrait of a Graduate

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