Tips for successful conferences

Attending your child's parent-teacher conference gives you the chance to hear how your child is doing in school and how you can help him or her to improve. It also gives you the chance to tell teachers about your child's strengths and interests. 

When you attend a parent teacher conference your son or daughter knows that you care about his or her education. To make the most of your time with your child's teacher, try some of these ideas.

Before the conference, talk with your child about school. Ask:

  • What do you like best about school?
  • Who do you like to work with at school?
  • What have you been learning at school?
  • Are you having a hard time with anything at school?
  • Do you feel safe at school?
  • What do you think you want to do after graduation?

Do a little homework

  • Look at your child's Interim Report or Report Card.
  • Ask yourself if your child has been able to complete his or her homework in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Look at the Ohio Department of Education's Standards Guides for Families.
  • Consider all of the activities in which your child participates.Would you like to know about other activities for your child in the school or community? 

What to bring to the conference:

  • Samples of your child's homework that you have questions about.
  • Your Standards Guide for Families for your child's grade.
  • Paper and pen.

At the conference:

  • Tell the teacher about your child's interests and strengths.
  • Listen to the teacher's ideas about how your child is doing in school.
  • Tell the teacher about any concerns you may have about your child.
  • Ask how you can help your child at home.
  • Ask what the class will be learning in the next grading period.
  • Ask if your child gets along with classmates. 
  • Clarify the best way to contact your child's teacher.
  • Make sure your child's teacher knows the best way to contact you. 
Schedule for RHS
Parent-teacher conferences at all other schools can be scheduled by calling the school secretary.
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