Calendars & Announcements

Calendars & Announcements

2020-21 Inclement Weather Updates
SnowflakeNovember 30, 2020

Dear Raider Families,

We are coming upon that time of year of snow, ice and extreme cold. Recently, we transitioned from our hybrid learning model to virtual learning. Though we are in a virtual learning model, there is some information that you need to know regarding inclement weather.

While Reynoldsburg City Schools is in the virtual learning model, students will continue participating in their online instruction on any days of inclement weather. Students enrolled in our in-person preschool or learning center programs will transition to virtual learning in the case of inclement weather.
 In years past, when we make the decision to close or delay school, we refer to those days as “calamity days.” Below, we wanted to explain how we go about making decisions regarding closings or delays, and the ways you will be notified of a delay or closure if and when the District returns to hybrid learning this year.

For the 2020-21 academic school year, if we have inclement weather during the hybrid learning model, rather than declaring it a calamity day, we will implement virtual learning for our students and virtual teaching for our teachers. One benefit of our experience with the distance learning model this year is our students and teachers are prepared for distance learning should it be required with little notice. As a result, we will not miss out on consistent, uninterrupted learning opportunities.

We closely monitor the weather forecast and have provided helpful links on our website ( for snow and extremely cold temperatures throughout the winter months. We also maintain communication with the local road crews and police and drive neighborhoods.

Whenever possible, the decision to move to virtual learning will be made the previous evening. However, announcements may be made as late as 6:00 a.m. depending on a variety of factors.

When assessing the safety of the morning commute, our focus is on school transportation. Are the temperatures and wind chills causing a frost-bite risk for children waiting 15-30 minutes at school bus stops (generally about -15 to -20 degrees wind chill)? Can school bus drivers navigate their routes with proper traction and visibility? Is the timing of the weather event such that city crews will not have time to plow or treat main roads?

When Reynoldsburg City Schools are virtual due to INCLEMENT WEATHER:
  • While school buildings will be closed, the Central Office will be open as long as it is safe for our staff to travel to and from work. If the Central Office closes, a notification will alert parents.        
  • All evening activities at the elementary and middle school level are cancelled unless virtual arrangements have been made. Those arrangements will be communicated by the relevant staff.
  • High school activities may take place depending on the weather throughout the day. Communication regarding such events will be made by relevant coaches or advisors.
  • Preschool and Learning Center students will also remain home and will participate in virtual learning. Parents should watch for the communication methods below for information.
  • Transportation to Eastland-Fairfield Career Center is not provided.
Communication Methods:
 When the decision to switch to virtual learning is made, we use multiple avenues to communicate. As technology is not always fool-proof, we rely on several messaging channels to alert the community of any schedule changes. Those channels include: notifying television and radio stations, posting on Instagram (@ReynSchools), Twitter (@ReynSchools), Facebook (@reynschools), updating the website (, sending emails and texts as well as making phone calls to families.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Central Office at 614-501-1020 or your building principal.

RCS Responsible Restart
Please click on the image below to view the RCS Responsible Restart plan. You can find all of our updates on the COVID19 pandemic at
 Responsible Restart
Reynoldsburg City Schools Portrait of a Graduate
September 13, 2019

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools Families, Staff, Students and Community Members,

Yesterday, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) released the Ohio School Report Cards, which are designed to give each district a picture of progress in several areas. As a part of our five-year Strategic Plan, two of the areas of focus we identified are Student Learning and Student Experience. As a result, we are pleased to roll out the Reynoldsburg Portrait of a Graduate, which is our vision for 21st Century Learning and was developed with several teams made up of Reynoldsburg City Schools’ administrative leaders, principals, teachers, parents, and students. The Portrait of a Graduate identifies five competencies that every student in our District will strive to accomplish during their time at Reynoldsburg City Schools. These competencies represent areas that will help students have success after high school in rigorous post-secondary programs and in careers that may not even exist yet. This is a K-12 initiative and we are excited to have all buildings involved in this initiative. The Reynoldsburg City Schools Portrait of a Graduate Competencies include: 

1. Innovative Problem Solver: Able to use a deliberate process to creatively develop multiple solutions to authentic problems.

2. Socially and Emotionally Competent: Able to identify and regulate one’s own emotion to solve problems, communicate and build positive relationships.

3. Effective Communicator: Able to responsibly and effectively give and receive information across mediums while considering the needs of different audiences.

4. Collaborative: Able to accept personal accountability within a group dynamic and synthesize multiple perspectives to determine the best approach to complete a task.

5. Socially Aware and a Global Citizen: Culturally empathetic, compassionate, able to live, work collaborate and positively impact the local community and the world.
Portrait of a Graduate 

The Design Team that led this work facilitated retreats around deeper learning and then with our Administrative staff and then information was taken back to buildings for professional development and feedback. A parent and student focus group and then Building Leadership Teams were also asked for feedback about the new plan for 21st Century Learning.

“For a very long time, Reynoldsburg City Schools has been a leader in innovative teaching practices in Central Ohio, but the implementation of these practices was not consistent across buildings and classrooms, said RCS Chief Academic Officer Dr. Cosgrave. “We are excited we now have a guiding document that sets the expectation to ensure that all students in all schools engage in deeper learning experiences that will help them after high school.”

“The Portrait of a Graduate work is so important because it provides a set of common aspirations for our students,” said Herbert Mills STEAM Elementary Principal and Portrait of a Graduate Design Team Member. “It was such an honor to participate in the process of ideating around our hopes and dreams for our kids, and my hope is that by uniting administrators, teachers, and support staff around these goals, we will provide our students with the tools to be successful as they graduate and move out into the world.” 

Attached to this letter are the Reynoldsburg Portrait of a Graduate Logo and five focus areas. You will see this work reflected in buildings, throughout our five-year strategic plan, in our Quality Profile and in classrooms. I want to thank everyone who have spent the past 18 months creating such a clear vision for deeper learning for the students of Reynoldsburg City Schools.


MJB Electronic Signature
Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools
2019 RHS Football Information
August 26, 2019

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools’ Parents, Staff, Students and Community Members,

On Friday August 30, our Reynoldsburg Raiders play their opening home football game. It is an exciting time for our District, our players and our community. Showing our Raider Pride and supporting our young athletes is extremely important for all of us. It is our top priority to ensure that we do so in a family-friendly, inviting, and safe environment. 

Three years ago, we began enforcing a no-bag policy and utilized crowd control barriers under the stands. These efforts will remain in effect this year. The no-bag policy is limited to those of school age only (18 years old and younger). The duty to prove age will rest on the ticketholder. Furthermore, we will continue to deploy crowd control measures under the stands to encourage free movement, reduce congestion, and enhance safety. 

To establish a standard of expected behaviors, signs are posted throughout the stadium. These posters are in place as reminders that home sporting events are a time for us to come together and support our Raiders while displaying pride in our community and schools. We will not permit nor condone unsafe, disruptive, or harmful behavior. Some of these expectations include (but are not limited to):

• Spectators are asked to remain seated in the stands during the game. Loitering or gathering in the aisles, concourses, ramps, entrances or exits is prohibited.

• Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes or other intoxicants, or possession of alcohol are not permitted. 

• There will be no roughhousing, running, fighting, use of profanity, or acting in a manner considered to be: offensive, threatening, insulting, humiliating, embarrassing, disruptive, obscene, sexually explicit, gang related, or violent.

Any violation of the student code of conduct or the creation of an unsafe environment or condition will be grounds for removal from the game without ticket reimbursement.

We are hoping that with your help, it will not be necessary to implement additional measures. Together, we will create a positive image for visiting fans and a safe environment for students, staff, and community members. Please assist us by speaking to your child(ren) about appropriate and acceptable behavior while attending school sponsored events and remind them that no bags will be permitted in the stadium. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Go Raiders!


MJB Electronic Signature
Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools

Click here to read a PDF of the letter.
RCS Superintendent's Contract Renewed

Reynoldsburg City Schools’ Superintendent Contract Renewed
Board of Education Extends Melvin J. Brown’s Contract Through 2025

Reynoldsburg City Schools’ Board of Education unanimously voted to renew Superintendent Melvin J. Brown’s contract for five years. His current contract does not expire until 2020.

Superintendent Brown has made such an impact on our district in just a few years,” said Joe Begeny, RCS Board of Education President. “Some changes are obvious, from The 9X Impact to the physical improvements to our buildings, but just as important is the relationships he has built with our students, staff, and our community.” 

“While we have all accomplished a lot there is more work to be done, so it is with great delight that the Board and Superintendent Brown have come to an agreement that allows us all to continue what we have started so our students get the education they deserve?,” Begeny concluded.

“I am honored to continue as Superintendent for Reynoldsburg City Schools and thank the Board, staff, students and community for the faith and trust you have bestowed upon me,” said Melvin J. Brown, RCS Superintendent. “To echo Mr. Begeny, there is still much work to be done, but I am energized and excited to continue working strategically toward establishing Reynoldsburg as a school district to replicate, not only in Columbus, or Ohio, but nationwide.”

Superintendent Brown, the RCS Board of Education and RCS staff have worked tirelessly to craft a strategic direction for the District, including the establishment of a district mission and vision. Committees and subcommittees have been formed to address four key areas of focus: student learning, student experience, communications and finance.

Since joining the District, Brown has addressed inequities in education, state testing, worked to unify the community and created vast partnerships and relationships. The District has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in new grants and new pathways have been introduced not just at high school, but starting in Kindergarten.

The 9X Impact, the District’s freshman experience will work to create a safe, welcoming environment for incoming ninth graders to focus on high school readiness as well as providing a platform for them to choose the best academy to prepare them for what waits for them after graduation, whether that is continuing education at a college or university, joining the military, or beginning their careers.

Effective August 1, 2020, Brown’s salary will be $175,099, an increase from $165,000 in his original contract. The base salary will increase by 2% on each succeeding August 1st during the term of his contract. He will receive a connectivity allowance of $590 per month towards mileage, cell phone and other technology used for work purposes. Brown’s annuity will increase to $15,000 (currently $10,000) and he will receive 25 vacation days.

Mr. Brown has 19 years of school administrative experience. Formerly, he served as the Deputy Superintendent for the Cuyahoga Falls City School District and prior to that as its Director of Human Resources. He has also served as Regional Vice President for Mosaica Education, Inc. and as an Associate Superintendent for Prince William County Schools in the state of Virginia where he supervised 20 schools and more than 22,000 students. Additionally, he has six years of experience as an elementary school principal and two years of experience as a middle school principal. That experience includes four years at Enterprise Elementary School in Dale City, VA which was recognized by Standard and Poor’s for successfully closing the achievement gap in 2005. His non-administrative experiences include teaching middle school language arts, teaching high school English, and coaching track and boys’ basketball. Mr. Brown holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and a Bachelor’s Degree in English from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Educational Studies at The Ohio State University.

Click here to read a PDF of the press release. 

2019 Raider Fellows

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools Families, Staff and Community Members,

Each year, the Superintendent of Reynoldsburg City Schools recognizes teachers who make a substantial impact in the school community, resulting in positive outcomes for children with the Raider Fellowship Award. These successes result from educators who voluntarily and passionately serve students in non-traditional, expanded, and/or hard-to-fill roles that greatly contribute to positive outcomes for both the students on their rosters, students beyond their classroom walls, and/or their peers.

Please join me in congratulating the 2018-19 Raider Fellows:

Andrew Boan, Design Teacher, Waggoner Road Middle School

Mia Brower, K-4 Literacy Coach, District

Chris Cracraft, Teacher Leader, Herbert Mills STEAM Elementary School

Katharine Demchak, Math 8 and Integrated Math I Teacher, Waggoner Road Junior High School

Ryder Ferguson, Fourth Grade Math Teacher, French Run Elementary School

Angela Forino, Third Grade Teacher, Herbert Mills STEAM Elementary School

Lorraine Gaughenbaugh, Innovation Station Teacher, Summit Road STEM Elementary School

Rachel Gillaspie, Intervention Specialist, Reynoldsburg High School

Amy Gochenour, Physical Education Teacher, Herbert Mills STEAM and Summit Road STEM Elementary Schools

Angela Griffin, K-4 Curriculum Support Instructional Coach, District

Amy Hoffmannbeck, Speech Language Pathologist, Taylor Road Elementary School

Staci Lang, Third Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher, French Run Elementary School

Kate Lock, Math Teacher, Reynoldsburg High School, BELL Academy

April Oates, 7/8 Career Connections Teacher, Hannah Ashton Middle School

James Olivola, Math Teacher, Reynoldsburg High School, Encore Academy

Melisa Ray, ESL Coordinator, District

Steven Ridgway, Social Studies Teacher, Reynoldsburg High School, eSTEM Academy

Sarah Schulze, ESL Teacher, Waggoner Road Middle School

Kirstyn Smith, Third Grade Teacher, Slate Ridge Elementary School

Nicholas Twyman, Third Grade Teacher, Slate Ridge Elementary School

Abby Vargo, Third Grade Math and Science Teacher, French Run Elementary School

Andrea Whitley, Science Teacher, Reynoldsburg High School, eSTEM Academy

Stephen Whitley, Science Teacher, Reynoldsburg High School, eSTEM Academy

Laura Wills, Guidance Counselor, Taylor Road Elementary School

The Fellowship Awards recipients are awarded based on a rubric created by a committee and then each application is assessed by the Education Service Center using that rubric. Those who are being awarded Raider Fellows are those whose application was scored to be in or greater than the top 20th percentile.

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, I will make recipient recommendations to the Board of Education. Pending their approval, the teachers listed above will receive an award in the amount of $3900.00, District and community-wide recognition, and the distinguished honor of being a Reynoldsburg Raider Fellow. I encourage you to attend the meeting on May 22 at City Hall at 5:00 p.m. to participate in celebrating this honor, and the teachers of our District.


MJB Electronic Signatuyre 

Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools

Click here to read a PDF of the letter. 

Dr. Black Appointed as WRJH Principal
Dr. Black, WRJH Principal April 16, 2019

Dear Waggoner Road Junior High School Families, Staff and Students,

As you know, with the creation of our new Freshman Experience, Mrs. Breen Slauter, current Principal, will transition to Assistant Principal for The 9X Impact housed at Reynoldsburg High School’s Livingston Campus at the start of the 19-20 school year. We have used our time since her announcement to identify her replacement at Waggoner Road Junior High School. I am excited to announce that Dr. Twana Black will assume the role of your new Principal starting at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

Dr. Black’s goal is to serve as the leader in an environment that fosters the preparation of students for a global society mirroring the District’s long-term initiatives. She is a multifaceted educator with more than 17 years of experience in diverse communities. She is adept in problem solving and building collaborative working environments. This passion served as the emphasis of her doctoral studies on teaming and team teaching. This research was driven by a desire to identity research strategies or initiatives emphasizing best practices that help to build a positive culture and climate around school teams or teaming relationships.

“The opportunity to lead Waggoner Road Junior High School is a true honor and privilege. I am excited to meet and work with the exceptional students, staff, parents, community members, and the Reynoldsburg leadership,” said Dr. Black.

Currently, Dr. Black serves the Lead Assistant Administrator at Pickerington High School Central in Pickerington, Ohio. Prior to her role there, she worked in the Columbus City School District and has experience at the collegiate level as an adjunct professor at Columbus State Community College, DeVry Community College, and more.

Dr. Black has a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She earned a Master’s in Secondary Mathematics Education from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, 
and an Ed. D in Educational Policy and Leadership from the University of Phoenix.

Dr. Black is married to Rev. Trevor L. Black. They have three children Taylor, Tylor, and Ty, ages 16, 14, and 11, respectively and a beautiful 6-month-old English bulldog named ‘Bubba’. She is an active volunteer in her church community and spiritedly involved with her sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. In her spare time, she loves to travel, make jewelry, and use her Cricut for t-shirt making and a multitude of other projects.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Black to our District and to Waggoner Road Junior High School. I know she will empower our staff, be an advocate for our students, and be a change agent for the District.


MJB Signature 

Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools

Click here to read a PDF of the letter. 

Mr. Chris Brooks Announced as The 9X Impact Principal
Chris Brooks

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools Families,

As you know, a team of administrators, teachers, staff and students have provided input and worked towards building an experience for all ninth graders for the 2019-20 school year. This experience, called The 9X Impact, will provide a robust high school transition anchored in tackling the challenges of the fiercely competitive and constantly changing 21st Century educational landscape.

As a part of this process, we have been actively looking to fill positions for The 9X Impact. I am excited to announce that Mr. Christopher Brooks has been named The 9X Impact Leader effective January 1, 2019.

Mr. Brooks will work directly in a high-performing environment that will be the nexus of reforming our high school educational experience and will have a direct impact on students in Reynoldsburg. He will advance the District’s Mission, engage in teaching and learning practices, create a positive school culture of support while inspiring students to be successful as they begin their high school careers.

Mr. Brooks and The 9X Impact will be based at Reynoldsburg High School’s Livingston Campus. Currently, Mr. Brooks serves as the Principal of Waggoner Road Middle School, and previously, he oversaw the entire Waggoner Road Campus as the Lead Middle Level Principal.

“My purpose as a leader and learner is to foster an optimal learning community that equips teachers with tools and strategies to engage students in active, high-level learning environments,” said Mr. Brooks. “I strive each day to ‘Make It Matter.’ It is my goal to ensure my students develop the skills, habits of mind and knowledge needed to become contributing members of our society.”

Mr. Brooks has been a member of Reynoldsburg City Schools’ staff since 2007. He has his Bachelor of Music in Music Education and Master of Education in Educational Administration from Bowling Green State University, in Bowling Green, Ohio, and is working towards a certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

This also means that we will immediately begin the search process to identify Mr. Brooks’ successor as Principal at Waggoner Road Middle School. Please know that placing the best leader in this role is going to be a top priority for us and our students will not see any disruption to their school experiences.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Brooks to the future of Reynoldsburg High School and The 9X Impact!


MJB Electronic Signature

Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools

Click here to read a PDF of the letter. 

RCS Announces New Safety and Security Coordinator

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools Families and Staff,

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Eric Cornett as the District’s Safety and Security Coordinator. Mr. Cornett will be based at our Business Office and report to Director of Business and Operations, Mr. Chris Reed.

Mr. Cornett is a decorated military veteran and as former police officer, offers a strong portfolio in safety and security. He will be responsible for the implementation and management of security policies, planning, and procedures. He will also be accountable for the development, monitoring and coordination of security activities, District-wide emergency preparedness and safety training programs.

Most recently, Mr. Cornett was a Reservist with the Air National Guard while concurrently acting as Deputy Sherriff for the Beaufort County Sherriff’s Office. He is skilled in developing investigative plans, reporting essential facts and conducting fact-finding interviews. He possesses knowledge of law enforcement standardized rules, procedures and operating techniques.

Mr. Cornett is no stranger to the Buckeye State, as he is a retired Detective/Criminal Investigator for the City of Columbus’ Division of Public Safety, where he served for 24 years. He is also familiar with the inner workings of a School District as he was a Safety Resource Officer for Columbus City Schools.

Mr. Cornett was honored with the Marine Corps Police Academy East Leadership Award and was Central Ohio Crime Stoppers Officer of the Year and Month in 2013. He has extensive training from the United States Air Force and the United States Marine Corps Police Academy.

Please congratulate our newest Raider on his role, and welcome him to our community.


MJB Electronic Signature 

Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools

Click here to read a PDF of the letter. 

Mrs. Kim Halley Joins RCS as Assistant Superintendent
June 19, 2018

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools Families and Staff,

I am writing to you today to provide an update on proposed staffing shifts within Central Office to provide additional support to our academic program and our administrative capacity. Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Kimberly Halley as our new Assistant Superintendent for the 2018-19 school year.

Mrs. Halley will oversee District-wide discipline, enrollment, truancy, Title funding implementation, athletics, Support Staff Professional Learning, and other operational areas of the District, including our grades Pre-K-4 Principals. She will be a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet and will report directly to me. 

With more than 26 years of experience as a public school educator, Mrs. Halley demonstrates collaborative and positive leadership through her strong commitment to students, families, staff and her community. She is an advocate for students and will help them meet their academic, social and emotional needs while looking at forward-thinking educational initiatives to advance learning opportunities.

“I am honored to join Reynoldsburg City Schools as Assistant Superintendent. I look forward to partnering with the teachers, staff and families to serve all of our students,” said Mrs. Halley. “Together, we will continue to build upon the District's reputation of innovation."

Prior to joining Reynoldsburg City Schools, Mrs. Halley was a Senior Consultant for School Improvement for the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio. She was the Chief Academic Officer for Hilliard City Schools and has experience as a Teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal within school districts within the state of Ohio.

Mrs. Halley is in the process of earning her EdD from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She received her Master of Science Educational Administration from The University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio and her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

Mrs. Halley is active in her community and serves as a volunteer as well as sits on several boards, including the United Way Board of Trustees Pickaway County and the Junior Achievement Board. She is a bible study leader and active in charities such as Miles for Melanoma, Parkinson’s Walk for a Cure and Relay for Life.

I am excited to welcome Mrs. Halley to Reynoldsburg, please join me in congratulating her. I look forward to working with her to become a change agent for the District.

MJB Signature
Melvin J. Brown
Reynoldsburg City Schools 
Prepping for College is as Easy as 1, 2, 3
3 to Get Ready Infographic

We are taking part in the Ohio Department of Higher Educations'  “3 To Get Ready” initiative and we would like to invite parents and high school students to a couple of events to help them prepare for college. The "3 to Get Ready" campaign focuses on applying for financial aid, submitting college applications and more.  The dates and times correspond to parent/teacher conferences already scheduled. Our counselors have organized the event and we will have reps from OSU and Capital on hand at both events.  

 For more information:

College Application and FAFSA Night- RHS Livingston Campus
Wednesday, October 24, 2018
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
6699 E. Livingston Ave. 
Pre-registration is not required. 
Contact Alexandria Nicolay at [email protected]

College Application and FAFSA Night- RHS Summit Campus
November 1, 2018
Location: Reynoldsburg High School Summit Campus
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
8579 Summit Road Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
Pre-registration is not required.
Contact Kristi Leonard at 
[email protected]

Reynoldsburg City Schools Awarded Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Subgrant

In a letter from State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria, Reynoldsburg City Schools was selected for the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy subgrant. The subgrant will increase the District’s capacity to provide high-quality literacy programming not only during the grant period of 2018-2020 but far beyond the grant period. As a result of this grant, Reynoldsburg City Schools will implement researched-based strategies to achieve a common vision and goal for literacy.

More than $33 million was awarded today by the Ohio Department of Education to 46 school districts to improve the language and literacy development of our state’s children. 

The grant was awarded following a competitive peer review process and will be divided among elementary, middle and high school levels to raise literary achievement within the District. 

“I am thrilled to accept this grant and want to thank the Ohio Department of Education and State Superintendent DeMaria,” said Superintendent Melvin J. Brown. “Reading skills are necessary for education, and for life. This grant will support our literacy plan on several levels including leadership, teacher training and raising awareness of a literacy-rich environment for all our children.”

In his letter, DeMaria said, “I’m excited about the evidence-based plan that Reynoldsburg City Schools has committed to implement with this grant funding, and I look forward to seeing strong, positive results for your students.”

Click here to read a PDF of the Press Release. 

RCS Appoints New HR Director

For Immediate Release
April 17, 2018

Reynoldsburg City Schools’ Superintendent Melvin J. Brown
Announces Dr. Tanya S. Davis as District’s Director of Human Resources

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – During the April Regular Board of Education Meeting, Reynoldsburg City Schools Superintendent Melvin J. Brown and the Reynoldsburg Board of Education announced Dr. Tanya Davis as the District’s new Director of Human Resources. Reporting to Brown, Davis is responsible for the overall delivery of the HR function within the District as well as leadership and vision for the Human Resources Department.

“I am excited to welcome Tanya to the Reynoldsburg community and our District,” said Brown. “I am confident that she will be an excellent addition to drive change and continue to help build trusting relationships both for and with our employees.”

Davis will create and implement a long-term HR strategy that align with the District’s overall goals and objectives. She will also provide leadership to support administrative, instructional and non-instructional staff within Reynoldsburg City Schools. 

“I am thrilled to join the Reynoldsburg City School District and to become a member of this great community. I look forward to working with Mr. Brown and staff to advance the District’s mission and vision,” said Davis.

Most Recently, Davis was the Assistant Director of Urban Support with the Ohio Department of Education, specifically within the Office for Exceptional Children. She provided guidance and technical assistance to large urban school districts within the state of Ohio regarding the proper implementation of Federal and State rules and regulations and various issues related to the delivery of special education services. Davis has more than 15 years’ experience within the education and human resource sectors.

Originally from Cincinnati, Davis earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and her master’s degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She received her Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Cincinnati, and holds 5-year Professional Administrative Specialist License. 

Davis lives in Cincinnati with her puppy Louis and two sons Antonio and Zairn, who attend Wittenberg University and Urbana University respectively. She plans to relocate to the Reynoldsburg area in the summer of 2019.  

Click here to read a PDF of the Press Release

A Message from Superintendent Melvin J. Brown

Dear Reynoldsburg City Schools Families,

We are pleased to announce that after examining several options and looking at space requirements, we are able to offer all rising 9th grade students their first choice of Academies provided they submitted their card by the deadline of February 2, 2018 for the 2018-19 school year. For rising 9th grade students who submitted their cards after the February 2 deadline, they will be assigned to their second choice Academy at the opposite campus, space permitting.

We continue to pursue the concept of a “Freshman Experience” for the 2019-20 school year and beyond, which will address many issues and to improve our overall District culture while creating a system whereby all students receive a firm level of foundational skills increasing their grit, academic strength, and endurance with the support of a group of adults who will know them well. We will also be very cognizant of the needs of next year’s freshman class and the impact of transitions on their experiences. In the process of creating plans for 2019-20, we will also have a keen focus on ensuring that 9th graders in 2018-19 will be given the resources that they need to be successful including, but not limited to, course offerings, program exposure, and preparation for advanced coursework.

I appreciate your support and candor as we worked to ensure our students were allowed their first choice of Academy for next year. If you have any questions, please contact the Welcome Center at
614-501-1033. As always, we thank you for your support and cooperation.

Melvin J. Brown
State of the Schools
Superintendent Melvin J. Brown presented to the Reynoldsburg City Chamber of Commerce on the State of the Schools. Click the image below to view the presentation.
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2020-21 Calendar
2019-20 Parent-Teacher Conference Dates
Updated with the new Elementary School Dates for October
Updated with the new Elementary School Dates for October
State of the Schools 2019
Winter Academy PPT
Click to review Mr. Brown's presentation during Winter Academy.
Click to review Mr. Brown's presentation during Winter Academy.
9X Impact
OSBA Presentation
OSBA Conference November 13, 2018
OSBA Conference November 13, 2018
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