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Calendars & Announcements

2020-21 Inclement Weather Updates
SnowflakeNovember 30, 2020

Dear Raider Families,

We are coming upon that time of year of snow, ice and extreme cold. Recently, we transitioned from our hybrid learning model to virtual learning. Though we are in a virtual learning model, there is some information that you need to know regarding inclement weather.

While Reynoldsburg City Schools is in the virtual learning model, students will continue participating in their online instruction on any days of inclement weather. Students enrolled in our in-person preschool or learning center programs will transition to virtual learning in the case of inclement weather.
 In years past, when we make the decision to close or delay school, we refer to those days as “calamity days.” Below, we wanted to explain how we go about making decisions regarding closings or delays, and the ways you will be notified of a delay or closure if and when the District returns to hybrid learning this year.

For the 2020-21 academic school year, if we have inclement weather during the hybrid learning model, rather than declaring it a calamity day, we will implement virtual learning for our students and virtual teaching for our teachers. One benefit of our experience with the distance learning model this year is our students and teachers are prepared for distance learning should it be required with little notice. As a result, we will not miss out on consistent, uninterrupted learning opportunities.

We closely monitor the weather forecast and have provided helpful links on our website ( for snow and extremely cold temperatures throughout the winter months. We also maintain communication with the local road crews and police and drive neighborhoods.

Whenever possible, the decision to move to virtual learning will be made the previous evening. However, announcements may be made as late as 6:00 a.m. depending on a variety of factors.

When assessing the safety of the morning commute, our focus is on school transportation. Are the temperatures and wind chills causing a frost-bite risk for children waiting 15-30 minutes at school bus stops (generally about -15 to -20 degrees wind chill)? Can school bus drivers navigate their routes with proper traction and visibility? Is the timing of the weather event such that city crews will not have time to plow or treat main roads?

When Reynoldsburg City Schools are virtual due to INCLEMENT WEATHER:
  • While school buildings will be closed to students, they will be open for staff as long as it is safe for our staff to travel to and from work. If school buildings and Central Office closes, a notification will alert parents.        
  • All evening activities at the elementary and middle school level are cancelled unless virtual arrangements have been made. Those arrangements will be communicated by the relevant staff.
  • High school activities may take place depending on the weather throughout the day. Communication regarding such events will be made by relevant coaches or advisors.
  • Preschool and Learning Center students will also remain home and will participate in virtual learning. Parents should watch for the communication methods below for information.
  • Transportation to Eastland-Fairfield Career Center is not provided.
Communication Methods:
 When the decision to switch to virtual learning is made, we use multiple avenues to communicate. As technology is not always fool-proof, we rely on several messaging channels to alert the community of any schedule changes. Those channels include: notifying television and radio stations, posting on Instagram (@ReynSchools), Twitter (@ReynSchools), Facebook (@reynschools), updating the website (, sending emails and texts as well as making phone calls to families.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Central Office at 614-501-1020 or your building principal.

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