District Goals
The following goals and strategies provide focus and guidance for teaching/learning and school district operations.

Academic Excellence ... 
To ensure that every child achieves and progresses by:
  • Customizing education for every student
  • Developing innovative solutions in curriculum, instruction and assessment to ensure students acquire 21st century skills and knowledge
  • Having students demonstrate the acquisition of skills in critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, use of emerging technologies, global awareness and communication
  • Rethinking school design to meet today's demands

Safe, Secure Schools ... 
To ensure a safe, nurturing, healthy school environment by:
  • Creating personalized schools in which students are known, trusted, empowered, connected and honored
  • Meeting individual student needs with all appropriate and available resources
  • Maintaining safety in all facilities
  • Effectively communicating with students, staff, families and community members
  • Engaging parents and community members in school decisions and activities

Fiscal Accountability ... 
To ensure financial transparency and responsibility by:
  • Controlling spending by conservative budgeting and careful oversight
  • Identifying and adopting cost-saving measures and efficiencies
  • Scrutinizing financial records and projections
  • Meticulously managing all building and renovation work
  • Facilitating public review of records and practices


At its December 2013 meeting, the Reynoldsburg Board of Education approved updated performance measures that will help the district achieve its academic, safety and security, and financial objectives in 2014. To review that document, click here.

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