Regular/Current Bell Schedule, Calendar & Attendance

Regular/Current Bell Schedule, Calendar & Attendance

Virtual Learning Daily Schedule
Monday, November 23 through Friday, December 18

Bell Schedule, Calendar, & Attendance

Dear STEM Families,

A note from a doctor is required to excuse your student’s absences from STEM Middle @ Baldwin Rd. Jr. High for all medical appointments.  

All other absences require a written excuse from a parent.  A maximum of 10 notes may be written without penalty to your student.  After that, all notes must come from a doctor. 

Please use the following form for all pre-planned absences:

2019-20 Pre-Authorized Planned Absence Form 5-17-19.pdf

All forms/excuses may be sent by either email to [email protected]g or faxed to 614-367-1625.

Thank you!
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