Identification of Gifted Students

Identification of Gifted Students

Referral for Individual Identification

Any student may be referred for individual assessment. Referrals may be initiated by the student, a parent/guardian, a teacher, a counselor/social worker, a principal, or even by a fellow student. Unless the referral is initiated by the parent/guardian, no assessment will take place until written consent is granted by a parent/guardian. The District will ensure that all students referred for gifted identification are assessed within 90 days of receipt of a completed referral, and that all results are provided to the parent/guardian within 30 days of the completion of the assessment.

Whole-Grade Screening

Superior Cognitive Ability
The District will screen all students for giftedness in superior cognitive ability during the 1st, 4th, and 6th grades. This screening will take place in a large-group format, with the option for small-group testing for those students eligible for academic accommodations per a 504 Plan or IEP.
Creative Thinking Ability 
Upon receiving results from the superior cognitive ability screening, eligible students in grades 1, 4, and 6 will be screened for giftedness in creative thinking ability. This screening is completed by classroom teachers using a checklist for creative characteristics and requires no additional testing for the student.
Specific Academic Ability in Reading and Mathematics
The District will screen all students for giftedness in reading and mathematics three times per year during grades 2-10. This screening is embedded in assessments that the District already uses for academic purposes, and will not amount to any additional testing than the students would already participate in.  Currently, Reynoldsburg City Schools uses the MAP Growth assessment: a multi-purpose assessment that can also be used to screen for giftedness in reading and mathematics.
Visual or Performing Arts Ability
In the spring of each year, nominations will be taken for students to be screened for giftedness in visual arts, music (instrumental or vocal), dance, or theatre. Once a nomination is received, a checklist for creative and artistic characteristics will be completed by a teacher familiar with the student's abilities. If the student receives a qualifying score on the checklist, that student will then be asked to prepare a performance or portfolio of work to be evaluated by a team of experts in that field.

For more detailed information on the process of identifying students as gifted in visual or performing arts ability, click here:


Any student who is not identified as gifted in any area, but earns a score within two (2) points of an identifying score, may be re-screened (or re-evaluated) for gifted identification. The re-screening process triggers an automatic referral for individual testing; however, no evaluation will take place until written consent is provided by the parent or guardian.
If you child is eligible for re-screening following a whole-grade screening opportunity, you will receive a Permission to Assess form attached with your student's testing results. If you wish for your child to be re-evaluated for gifted identification, complete this form and return it to your school's office. 
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