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Office Forms

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Please note that if you are a new student to the Reynoldsburg City School District most of these forms were included in your initial enrollment packet. This will not need updated unless you feel some information has changed.

Any form(s) that you update need to be given to the Summit Road STEM school office.
If you have any questions or want to make sure forms have been received, please contact our secretary at [email protected].

Emergency Authorization Form - this form must be updated each new year so the school personnel have the most updated contact information. In addition, this form must be completed for students to participate on any field trips. 

Residing with Friends or Family Packet - this packet is requred to be completed each year to establish residency. These families consist of those living with others who own the home in Reynoldsburg other than themselves. If this packet is not completed prior to the first day of school it could affect the students enrollment by placing them on the Summit STEM waiting list. 

Prescription Medication at School Form - These two forms need to be completed by the parent and doctor before a student can begin taking medication at school. In addition, our policy is that prescription medication must be delivered personally to the school in its "original" container in which it is dispensed.

Non-Prescription Medication at School Form - This form needs to be completed by the parent before a student can begin taking the medicine at school. In addition, this request must be delivered to the school in its original container.

Statement of Custody Form - this form is completed in the initial enrollment process. If custody changes with a student this form needs to updated and official paperwork might need to be provided.

Media Release Form - this form is completed in the initial enrollment process. This form gives the school authorization to photograph your child for the website, newspaper, public relations, etc. Please contact the office if you have any further questions.

Computer Technology Usage Form - this form is completed in the initial enrollment process. This form must be completed before any student is given access to the Network in the school district.
Parent Note to School - this form can be used to verify a student's absence upon their return to school. Otherwise, a personal note/email from the parent/guardian will also do.    
Pre-Authorized Planned Absence Form - this form must be filled out PRIOR to any planned absences that will last for three (3) or more school days. First extended absence - up to 30 consecutive hours will be excused if form is turned in prior to absences.      
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