Out of District

Out of District

Out of District Requests

Non-public, private or charter school students who reside within the boundaries of the Reynoldsburg City School District may request transportation to school by completing a Transportation Request Form and returning it to the district's Welcome Center, 1555 Graham Road. The Welcome Center is located on the left side of the building.  These forms MUST be submitted at the beginning of each school year.

Forms are available for download below. For first-time registrants, additional documents are required to establish custody and residence within the school district boundaries.

The Board of Education may declare it impractical to provide transportation to non-public, private or charter schools based on the following criteria established by the Ohio Department of Education:


  • The time and distance required to provide the transportation
  • The number of pupils to be transported (minimum of 20)
  • The cost of providing transportation in terms of equipment, maintenance, personnel and administration
  • Whether similar or equivalent services are provided to other pupils eligible for transportation
  • Whether and to what extent the additional service unavoidably disrupts current transportation schedules
  • Whether other reimbursable types of transportation are available.


If transportation cannot be provided by Reynoldsburg City Schools, students may qualify for payment in lieu. Forms will be mailed to you after the proper paperwork is submitted to Central Enrollment.

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