Written Education Plans

Written Education Plans

About Written Education Plans

Written Education Plans (often referred to as WEPs) are documents detailing the structured gifted services that will be provided to a student. All students receiving formal gifted services must be placed on a Written Education Plan. WEPs are developed and implemented by classroom teachers (either gifted intervention specialists or general education teachers receiving support from a licensed gifted specialist).
Each Written Education Plan will contain the following information:
  • Student demographic data
  • Area(s) and date(s) of identification
  • Student interests and preferred learning styles (if available at time of development)
  • Present levels of academic and social/emotional functioning
  • Academic goals
    • Goals must be aligned to area(s) of identification
    • Students identified as gifted in Superior Cognitive Ability may receive service in any academic subject area
    • Students identified as gifted in Creative Thinking Ability may receive service in any academic subject area where his or her academic performance is above average
  • In addition to the academic goal, teachers will describe the interventions/enrichment provided to help students achieve the goal, as well as how progress toward the goal will be assessed.
  • Service setting and personnel responsible for implementing service

Each fall when Written Education Plans are revised/developed, parents will receive a copy of the plan. Parents should review this plan and sign the signature page before returning the plan to the school office.

Within the signature page, parents have the option to decline gifted services in any or all areas of identification. If service is declined, the student will remain identified as gifted, and may re-enroll in gifted services, if desired.

A sample Written Education Plan may be found on the sidebar of this page. 

Progress Reports

Parents will receive reports on their children's Written Education Plan goal progress twice each year:
  • At the end of the first semester
  • At the end of the school year

These progress reports will list the goals developed for the student and provide a brief description of the student's progress toward the goal. If the student has met his or her goal by the end of the first semester, the teacher may revise the Written Education Plan to develop a more appropriate goal. If a student fails to meet his or her goals by the end of the school year, this will provide information for the next year's teacher to develop appropriately challenging goals that are not unattainable.

To see a sample of a WEP progress report, click on the link in the sidebar. 

The following is an example of a Written Education Plan (WEP). WEPs will vary by building/teacher as each teacher develops unique goals for their students.
This is an example of what a WEP Progress Report may look like. Depending on the number of WEP goals the student has, the report may be much more detailed.
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