Dress Code

Dress Code

Reynoldsburg Schools Dress Code






In order to promote school safety and provide a healthy and respectful educational environment, all students in grades kindergarten through twelve shall adhere to this dress code policy. The objective of this dress code is to provide an appropriate, safe and respectful educational environment while allowing students to dress comfortably, within limits, to facilitate learning. The District expects students to maintain the type of appearance that is not distracting to students, teachers or the educational process of the schools. The final determination of a student’s adherence to the dress code will be made by the school administration. 

Parents/guardians share equal responsibility with their child for the student’s adherence to the dress code policy. Administration and faculty, together, are responsible for enforcement of the dress code. The dress code is enforced at school and school functions not open to the public. The decision of the principal is final with regard to dress code violations. 

When dress or grooming interferes with the cleanliness, health, welfare or safety of students, or when dress or grooming disrupts the educational process by being distracting, indecent, or inappropriate, it is prohibited. Clothing must be worn as designed and appropriately sized.

As new trends in fashion or dress emerge or become out of date, the District reviews and revises the dress code to reflect the standards of the community.

Based on input received from principals, staff, and parents, the required dress code shall consist of the following clothing:


1. No clothing is permitted that promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence or is offensive or degrading.

2. No clothing associated with gangs.

3. No clothing that exposes underwear or excessive skin, or is transparent or “see-through”. 

4. No clothing long enough to drag on the ground.

5. No sunglasses unless prescribed in writing by a medical doctor for indoor wear.

6. No chain wallets or chains that could be dangerous to persons or destructive to school property.

7. No flip-flops, house shoes or slippers.

8. No blankets. 

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