Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal Policy poster

Rose Hill Arrival and Dismissal Policy

Rose Hill Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Map

All cars should enter from Rosehill Road and continue in a line until looped back out to exit on Rosehill Road.  For student safety during loading and unloading, please do not park in the school parking lot during arrival and dismissal times.  Remain in your car in the car line loop.

Students will not be supervised outside of the school building prior to 9:05.

AM Arrival: 9:05-9:20am

Car Riders:  Enter from Rosehill Road, pull through the car rider loop following the directions of the adults in yellow vests, and drop students along the sidewalk in the pickup/drop zone. Students should exit vehicles through the passenger side of the vehicle only.  Follow the car rider line back to Rosehill Road and exit the property.

Walkers: Front door walkers will enter the building at the main entrance with the car riders.  Back door walkers will be let in the building at the playground entrance to the building.  

Students arriving after 9:20am will be marked tardy and must be signed in inside the school by a parent/guardian. 

PM Dismissal:  

Car Riders: 3:45pm - Enter from Rosehill Road and pull through the car rider loop. Students will be called from the building as cars arrive. Please display the Yellow Car Rider Card in the front windshield.  You will need to use this card all year.  Cars without a card will be required to provide ID, delaying pickup. Car riders will not be dismissed to parents walking up to the building. 

Walkers: 3:40 pm-Teacher’s will escort Front Door walkers to the stoplight on Rosehill Road where students will be released to parents.   Teachers will also take Back Door Walkers past the playground and down the back path near Roundelay Road to be released to parents.  In order for a child to walk home alone, they must have a signed permission slip.  Otherwise, the teacher will not release the child until they are picked up by the designated adult.

Walkers must have a signed permission slip stating if they are front or back door walkers and if they have permission to walk home alone.  If you wish to change your child’s way home during the year, please fill out a new form. See your child’s teacher if you need one.

Bus & Daycare Students riding district buses and daycare vans will enter and dismiss through the front entrance. Buses and vans will be dismissed in the order in which they arrive/load. 

**** Transportation changes must be communicated in writing (note or email) to teachers at the start of the school day or to the front office no later than 3:15pm.

Cell Phones, Electronic Devices, and Toys

Personal/portable electronic devices and toys are not permitted at school.  If a parent believes that their child needs to carry a cell phone for safety reasons as they travel to and from school, the "Cell Phone Policy Form" must be filled out by the parent/guardian and returned to the school office/teacher. Once the form is received and approved, the child may bring the cell phone to school. However, once they are on school grounds, the cell phone must be turned off, put away (not on the student) and not used during school hours.  If emergencies arise during the school day, the school will contact the parent.  If a child feels that they need to contact their parent during school hours, they must request permission from the teacher to do so and use a school phone to make the call.  Likewise, if the parent needs to contact the school or speak with their child in the event of an emergency during school hours, they will need to call the school's main line at 614-367-2380. 

Any violation of this policy will result in the confiscation of the device.  The district, the school and its staff shall not assume responsibility for devices that are damaged, lost, or stolen when brought to school or after being confiscated for violation of this policy.  The "Cell Phone Policy Form" is available online or from the school office.

School Dress Code
In order to promote school safety and provide a healthy and respectful educational environment, all students in grades kindergarten through twelve shall adhere to this dress code policy. The objective of this dress code is to provide an appropriate, safe and respectful educational environment while allowing students to dress comfortably, within limits, to facilitate learning. The District expects students to maintain the type of appearance that is not distracting to students, teachers or the educational process of the schools. The final determination of a student’s adherence to the dress code will be made by the school administration.

Parents/guardians share equal responsibility with their child for the student’s adherence to the dress code policy. Administration and faculty, together, are responsible for enforcement of the dress code. The dress code is enforced at school and school functions not open to the public. The decision of the principal is final with regard to dress code violations.

When dress or grooming interferes with the cleanliness, health, welfare or safety of students, or when dress or grooming disrupts the educational process by being distracting, indecent, or inappropriate, it is prohibited. Clothing must be worn as designed and appropriately sized.

As new trends in fashion or dress emerge or become out of date, the District reviews and revises the dress code to reflect the standards of the community.

Based on input received from principals, staff, and parents, the required dress code shall consist of the following clothing:

1. No clothing is permitted that promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence or is offensive or degrading.
2. No clothing associated with gangs.
3. No clothing that exposes underwear or excessive skin, or is transparent or “see-through”.
4. No clothing long enough to drag on the ground.
5. No sunglasses unless prescribed in writing by a medical doctor for indoor wear.
6. No chain wallets or chains that could be dangerous to persons or destructive to school property.
7. No flip-flops, house shoes or slippers.
8. No blankets.

Students who violate the Dress Code shall be subject to the following disciplinary actions:
The student’s parents/guardians will be requested to pick up a student or bring alternative clothing for the student to wear.
Class time missed due to a violation of this policy will be marked as in-school suspension.
Repeated violations will result in other disciplinary action pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct, which may include, but are not limited to: detention, suspension, and/or expulsion.
The administrator will make the final decision, at the building level, if a student’s attire is inappropriate or does not meet the requirements of this policy. "
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