Intra-District / Return to Home School REQUESTS

Intra-District / Return to Home School REQUESTS

Intra-District Transfer Request (residents only)
Kindergarten - 8th grade ONLY

Students enrolled in the Reynoldsburg City School District are assigned to the school or special education program serving their designated attendance area. Parents who wish to have their child/children attend a different school may request an intra-district transfer. Application requests must be made annually. The following guidelines are in place to clarify the procedures and criteria necessary to facilitate the processing of an intra-district transfer. 

Application Procedures:
Applications for intra-district transfers request forms must be completed only by the parent/legal guardian of the child and returned to the Welcome Center either in-person, by fax (614) 501-1049 or email at [email protected]
Intra-district transfer requests will then be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools or designee. 
Approval or non-approval of requests will be decided by the Superintendent or designee.

Criteria for Intra-District Transfer
* A transfer request is subject to space availability in the school that the parent is requesting for the child. Space availability is determined by school enrollment information regarding class size, grade level, total building capacity and caseloads. Staffing levels of the requested schools will not be changed for the purpose of specifically accommodating transfer requests. The district reserves the right to add or reduce grade level sections as necessary. 
* An intra-district transfer will also be considered in the order in which the form is received. 
* Siblings of students in the District, assigned to another building because of Special Education placement, will be given special consideration. 
* A student who has been suspended or expelled from school for ten days, in the current or immediately preceding semester, may be denied an intra-district transfer.
* PARENTS / LEGAL GUARDIANS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRANSPORTATION. This includes daily, on-time drop-off and pick-up in accordance with the school's bell schedule. 

Administration of Intra-District Transfers
* Intra-district transfer requests may not be made one the school year has begun.
* Transfer requests are for one school year only.
* Approval for an intra-district transfer for one school year does not guarantee approval in subsequent years.
* Residents of the attendance area of a school will be given priority over intra-district transfers.
* An elementary intra-district transfer request will not be granted if the request is to a school in which the requested grade level has a higher student/teacher ratio than the student's assigned school.
* Students who have been granted an intra-district transfer will remain in their requested school for the entire school year.
* Families moving between boundaries during the school year may apply for the student(s) to remain in their current school for the remainder of the school year. All intra-district criteria and guidelines apply.
* Intra-district transfers may be cancelled if the student shows a pattern of attendance, truancy or discipline problems. A student whose transfer is cancelled will be returned to his/her home school.
* Final decisions for all intra-district transfers will be made in August, no later than 10 days prior to the start of school.
* Notifications will be made by mail to the address of record for the student.

2023-2024 Intra-District Form
Form will be posted on Monday, April 3rd
Deadline to Apply: Friday, April 21st by 4:00 p.m.

Return to Home School (residents only)
Kindergarten - 8th grade ONLY
Students enrolled in the Reynoldsburg City School District who were previously approved for intra-district transfer to another school other than their assigned home school may request to return to their neighborhood assigned school by completing the Return to Home School Form.

Students must continue attending their current assigned school until approval is granted.
Please be aware that building transfers during the school year are not guaranteed.
Each request is reviewed by the administration.

Return to Home School

Please complete the request form for each child for whom you are requesting a return to home school transfer and return to the Welcome Center by either in-person,  fax (614) 501-1049 or email at [email protected].

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