Residency or Custody UPDATES

Residency or Custody UPDATES


Any and all changes MUST BE REPORTED to the Welcome Center within ten (10) days of the legal change. 
Providing information directly to your child's school is NOT sufficient notification. 
Failure to present such documents will constitute a falsification of application and/or enrollment documents.
The consequence of failing to inform the Welcome Center of such updates may result in the denial of all or new open enrollment applications, intra-district or school of choice requests.

Any change in RESIDENCY - moving anywhere within or out of Reynoldsburg City School District boundaries - requires new proof of residency be presented in the form of a signed lease, settlement statement, or notarized friends or friends affidavit (provided by the WC), AND a current utility bill, paystub or official mail.
No changes in transportation will be made until all required documents are received by the Welcome Center. 

Change of Address
RESIDENCY changes - two (2) proofs of residency MUST be in the name of the residential parent/guardian.

Utility bill / official mail (required within 14 days from move-in date) - social services statements, car insurance, registration, payroll statement). Cellphone bills or bank statements cannot be accepted.

- Mortgage / Property settlement or auditor's page - if you own your home
- Signed Rental Agreement / Lease (it its entirety) - Parent/guardian must either be the leaseholder or confirmed occupant (if you rent your home)
- Notarized Residing with Friends or Family Packet - if you live in a home owned by someone other than you and do not have a formal lease. This document can only be completed by the homeowner and the parent/guardian of the student. It is not accepted in a rental situation. 
- Purchase Contract and Loan Approval - if you are in the process of building or buying a home. In addition, you must complete the non-resident 60-day waiver form available at the Welcome Center.

Please Read: Once you have completed the form(s), please return forms (from the link below) with required residency documents along with your photo ID to the Welcome Center

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Change of Custody
CUSTODY changes - require finalized court papers to be on file, in accordance with Ohio law - including but not limited to:
Divorce or Dissolution - including both judgment entry and decree
New or changes in existing Shared Parenting Plans - including both plan and decree
House Bill 103 (Grandparent Power of Attorney) - notarized and FILED
Foster or Kinship placements - ICCA and journal entry

Please Read: Once you have completed the form(s), please return forms (from the link below) with required court documents along with your photo ID to the Welcome Center.

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Residency Affidavit

This packet includes TWO (2) pages 
(each page must be notarized)
1. Completed by the friend or family member who OWNS the home.
2. Completed by the registering family who will be residing with friends/family.

This document cannot be used for renting/leasing property. If the friends or relatives you are living with are RENTING, the registering family must be on the lease either as a leaseholder or occupant.


Guardianship: Granted through the court, usually temporary or expiring on the child's 18th birthday. This is valid ONLY in the state in which it is granted. If you are coming from outside of Ohio, you must have jurisdiction transferred from the original court to an Ohio court before enrollment is possible. 

Custody: Granted through the court, usually long term. Temporary and Emergency Orders granted by the court are acceptable for enrollment.

Reallocation of Parental Rights: Only the parent designated as School Placement Parent (or similar phrasing) in a divorce or shared parenting agreement may enroll a child in school. District of Residence is determined by that parent's address. The parent not designated as School Placement Parent must petition the court of original jurisdiction for a Reallocation of Parental Rights (or similar phrasing) requesting that he/she be named as such. This may be done through mediation, but not considered finalized until the order has been signed by a judge and filed in the court. 

Unwed Parents: In the State of Ohio, parental rights default solely to the mother of all children born to unwed couples after January 1, 1998, until otherwise ordered by a court. Fathers must have an affidavit of paternity AND court-granted custodial rights in order to enroll the child in school and participate in any educational decisions both disciplinary and academic.

House Bill 130 (Grandparent Power of Attorney): This is a short term agreement which extends parental rights to biological grandparents without taking any rights away from the custodial parent. It is only valid while a student is residing full-time with the grandparent. The order allows the grandparent to enroll the child in school and attend functions as the custodial parent would. It must be filed in the court and is a quick and inexpensive procedure as opposed to any of the other options above.   

Notarized statements / POA from the current custodial parent(s) are NOT acceptable. 

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