8th Grade D.C. Trip Information

8th Grade D.C. Trip Information

Baldwin D.C.- Registration Packet & Permission Form

STEM Middle @ Baldwin Road GOES TO WASHINGTON, D.C.

DEPARTURE: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

RETURN: Early Sunday, May 14, 2023

Students will leave from the school the morning of May 10 and travel to Gettysburg, PA.  Students will have the opportunity to tour the battlefields before traveling onto Washington, D.C., arriving approximately around 9:00 p.m.  Students will tour D.C. Wednesday evening through Saturday afternoon.  Arrival time back in Reynoldsburg has been scheduled for Saturday, May 13 (early Sunday, May 14 morning) at approximately 12:30 a.m.  This return has proven to be preferable and allows students a chance to rest before school on Monday morning.

The trip is being handled by Scholastica Tours, Inc., of Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  Scholastica has done an outstanding job for us for many years.  The price of the trip per student is $770.00.  

This pays for the following:

-transportation via bus to and from Washington, D.C.

-transportation in Washington, D.C.

-all admissions to buildings and presentations, & Gettysburg

-3 nights hotel lodging 

-11 meals

-a company tour guide on each bus

-a group picture 

-a wreath ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

-security guards on each floor at the hotel

-group accident and medical insurance

-an event with dinner

-all taxes and gratuities

-processing and D.C. coordinator fees

-4 Reynoldsburg D.C. t-shirts to be worn on the trip

The payment periods for the trip are as follows:

    First payment of $200.00 is due the week of: Oct. 24- Oct. 28, 2022

    Second payment of $200.00  is due the week of: Nov. 14-18, 2022

    Third payment of $185.00 is due the week of: Jan. 23-27, 2023

    Final payment of $185.00 is due the week of: Feb. 13-17, 2023

             *Checks or Money Order payable to STEM Middle @ Baldwin Rd.

NOTE:  The required payments must be made during the specified times, or your child will become ineligible for the trip.

You can also pay with a credit card at:  dc-trip.ticketleap.com/reynoldsburg-dc-trip-2023/                       

**Additional, non-refundable service fees apply if paying by credit card.

    Money can be refunded by the school through March 10, 2023; after this date, monies will be in the possession of Scholastica Tours and only a percentage of the money will be refunded.  The exact amount to be refunded will be determined by Scholastica Tours.  Refund request forms are available from the trip coordinator or in the school office.


Amie Case (District Coordinator)            [email protected]                (614) 501-5700

Nicholas Keith (Baldwin Coordinator)        [email protected]

Brienne Schuliger (Baldwin Coordinator)        [email protected]


All important information for the trip will be posted in the D.C. Trip 2023 Google Classroom.  

Please join this Google Classroom using the code: cehqczi



Chaperones for the trip are Reynoldsburg school employees, many being veterans of past D.C. trips.  Chaperones have volunteered their time for this trip.  They know the students, enjoy them, and are committed to make this trip a rewarding experience.

Chaperones will meet with students several times before the trip.  There will also be one mandatory parent meeting on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.  This will be held in the cafeteria of STEM Middle. At this time, parents will have the opportunity to meet the chaperones and discuss the details of the trip.


    Information about fundraising opportunities will be sent home at a later date.  Students wishing to participate must return the attached fundraiser permission form.  Profit earned will be divided equally amongst all students attending the trip.  



    Complete the attached forms and return them to your child’s Social Studies teacher.  This needs to be completed by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2022.  Eighth grade students currently enrolled at SMBR may NOT add their name to the list after this date.  This is due to the fact that reservations are being made and we need an accurate number to secure tickets and various sites.

    Attached is a list of important dates and deadlines to keep on file for your convenience.  Additional information, as needed, will be given to your child at school.   

Important Dates: WASHINGTON, D.C., 2022-2023

  • Sept. 30: Reservation, Eligibility and Fundraiser Permission form DUE
  • Oct. 3-14: Tri-C Fundraiser
  • Oct. 24-28: First Payment DUE- $200.00
  • Nov. 14-18: Second Payment DUE- $200.00
  • Jan. 23-27: T-shirt design contest
  • Jan. 23-27: Third Payment DUE- $185.00        
  • Feb. 13-17: Final payment DUE- $185.00

  • March 6-10: Roommate Sign-Ups
  • March 10: Last day for FULL refunds

  • April 6: Bus meeting #1 (during school day- students only)      

  • April 21: Bus meeting #2 (during school day- students only)         

  • April 26: MANDATORY Parent meeting with chaperones (7:00 p.m.- Baldwin Road Cafeteria)

  • May 4: Bus meeting #3 (during school day- students only)

  • May 10: Depart for Washington, D.C.

  • May 13: Return to Reynoldsburg

Criteria for Washington, D.C. Eligibility

The following are criteria which you, as a student, must meet to be eligible for participation in the Washington, D.C. trip.  This policy is contingent upon Board of Education approval, and is in effect from the announcement of the trip through the date of RETURN on Saturday, May 13, 2023.  

  1. You must be an eighth grade student at SMBR and NOT have previously attended the Washington, D.C. trip.

  2. Having a GPA of 2.0 or lower will trigger a review of your request to participate in the Trip and an individual decision about your eligibility will be made by a committee which includes the principal and trip coordinators. 

  3. You must obey the SMBR Student Code of Conduct and the Reynoldsburg Bus Regulations.  ANY out-of-school suspension/emergency removal will automatically eliminate students’ trip privileges.  Other discipline issues may factor in denial of trip privileges at the decision of the SMBR principal and trip coordinators and include: attendance, tardies, and chronic disregard of school expectations on a bus or in a classroom (as listed in the SMBR student/ parent handbook). 

  4. You must have submitted a waiver/ release form, emergency medical form, and power of attorney (to be sent home at a later date) by the night of the MANDATORY parent meeting, April 26, 2023

  5. You must have paid the full amount of the trip by February 16, 2023.

  6. The administration and trip coordinators reserve the right to deny trip privileges. 

  7. All school and athletic fees must be paid.

  8. Anyone removed from the trip or if the trip is canceled FOR ANY REASON, families will NOT receive a FULL REFUND after March 10, 2023.

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