STEM Middle Policies, Procedures, & Expectations

STEM Middle Policies, Procedures, & Expectations


In an effort to minimize the number of people entering our building during this unique time, we’re asking that parents DO NOT drop off student lunches and supplies throughout the day.

If you are picking up a student, please call the office @ 614-367-1600 and we will escort your student to the car.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Cell phone usage is not permitted during instructional blocks.

Here at SMBR, we value the integrity of instructional minutes, and therefore, cell phone usage is prohibited during instruction.

To support our students, each classroom has a “phone parking lot” where students are invited to store their phones during class.  Students may choose not to use phone parking; however, they should keep their phones in their pockets, purses or backpacks.  Phones should not be visible at any time.   Failing to comply with these choices will result in the following: 

*The first and second offenses will result in the phone being held in the main office until the end of the day.

*If there is a third offense, the phone will remain in the main office until picked up by a parent.

Repeated violations of this policy will result in an appropriate consequence.

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