Safe School Helpline

Safe School Helpline

Safe School Helpline

Use the Safe School Helpline to report threats of violence, suicide and illegal activity that could harm children in our schools.  The helpline is administered by an independent, outside company.  All calls are PRIVATE, CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS.

When you call... do not provide your name unless you want to identify yourself to school officials

  • A typed transcript of your message will be provided to your school
  • Your report will be assigned a case number, which you may use later to confirm that your report was received and investigated

To report a problem, call 1-800-4-1-VOICE  ext. 359  (1-800-418-6423 ext. 359)

OR go to to make your report online. 

The Safe School Helpline is available all day, every day.  Your email address or other identifying information will not be shared with school officials unless you request it to be.

NEW: Text your concern to the Safe School Helpline!

  • Text 6646 and type "TIPS" as the message
  • You will receive a text back instructing you to state the name and location of your school. Just follow the prompt. No identifying information is forwarded to the school unless you provide it in your text message.
  • Your cell phone number is not provided to the school.


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